Please Don’t Leave me!

With her back at the wall
She slammed my heart
Into shatters of glass
Finding no fit for the earth

The grin on her face
And her hurrying steps
Tear down the
The castle we have built

Her fingers motioning
Bullets of whales
My way to consume
The prey of my mind

Her voice
Fly with one-half wing
Of the bird
Chasing a crippled ant

She ran for the door
With the smoke of
The burning building
Roaring at the firemen

Sitting on my bed
With legs on my face
I write this sullen words
To paste on every signpost
In the world

Please don’t leave me

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About michael ogundele

Hi! My name is Michael Ogundele and I write from Lagos, Nigeria. My love for writing find its voice some three years back and since then I have been buried in her arms, never letting go. This has taught me how to write poems and daily Mass reflections. I have passion for reading and soccer as well. I feature other guest writers on this clay laid at the feet of the sun. I still attend the School of poetry where I continually drink from her bosom to energize myself for every centuries of the day. So, do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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2 Responses to Please Don’t Leave me!

  1. ‘she slammed my heart into shatters of glass’ that’s beautiful.

    Like this

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