Visit the Monastery

Visit the Monastery

Visit the Monastery

Where the Silence echoes
In the farthest distance
Away from the blast of the
Heavy rumbles of the cars

Peace evaporates from
The chimney’s top
From the burning
Of books
To warm the wandering heart

Their thick blanket of love
Covers the cold feet
Wet by the heavy rain
Of life’s difficulties

Their gentle worship
Incense the sleeping heart
Racing the stream
With the push of an ocean

Their study room
Smile with books
To chew upon
On the field of contemplation

Their gates is left open
Day and night
For the strangers
That has lost its way

Visit the Monastery
To tap the richness of nature
In its gentle solitude


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About michael ogundele

Hi! My name is Michael Ogundele and I write from Lagos, Nigeria. My love for writing find its voice some three years back and since then I have been buried in her arms, never letting go. This has taught me how to write poems and daily Mass reflections. I have passion for reading and soccer as well. I feature other guest writers on this clay laid at the feet of the sun. I still attend the School of poetry where I continually drink from her bosom to energize myself for every centuries of the day. So, do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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2 Responses to Visit the Monastery

  1. I like ‘from the burning of books to warm the wandering heart.’

    Like this

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