No guts killed a fly

No guts killed the fly
That met silence
With closed eyes

Stones with no fight
Heart with no grasp

He would mutter
long music of echoes
for hours

Suck on the tongue
In enemy’s tower

Telling tales to blind men
In miraculous power
of sweet victory and unknown lands

But there, no guts
No guts at all


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The stranger

I hear endless noise
From the stranger that whispers
In the dark

Save a name
He wrote on a pack

His long nails could be felt
As he wrote on a scratch

Skeleton by skeleton
The movement rose a flight

The muscles march on like some rats
On street fight

Hey there! Give me some cigarette
To light the heart

I hear the movements of the waiter
Pass the light
Pitiful tongues lash on his back
The enemies of the night
Took their first bite

The moustache hurry on with delight
None worries and a wooden jar
Like a weather storm with a broken heart

I could sense, the grief in his smile
The homelessness in his thoughts
The loneliness of the cold heart

I could sense it all
From a thousand miles
I could sense it all
if I woke up from the darkest town

The cloud could witness, mine
Was the part I’d suggest a rest

He wrote on, wrote on
Till the rivers flood, the eyes shut
And the song was indecisively burnt

I hear the pen drop
The saliva stopped
And the man moved on
Like it never was dark

From the scratch, I held my hand
And my night was buried
In his heart

He happened to be a writer
That was just passing by


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I would return us back to Heaven

I would return us back to
Where venom and strife
Would be a sail to our feet

The air filled with
Heavy rain and tired sleep

I would greet your face
A halleluva and proud drink

Wake fellas, celebrate our victory
Dance to the music we bring
For a life’s sojourn we triumph
With swords and petty swift

Tell the voice for young men
Preparing their dreams
For I held her heart
And the storm on my fingerprints


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I am a helpless lover

I am a helpless lover
Who awaits the arrival
Of a dusty road
Feet of a wandering one

A window with scented rose
Mark with relic words

Morning with love songs
From the enemy’s camp

steps of ‘darkisome’ filled my breast
in heights of oily press

each moments, a taste of
perseverance mingled with weed soup
Stumble with light wounds
Reckless wind towards a lonely home

O! How the heart heals
From the sun’s magic love

I search the outside world
Hoping, the horse would bring
Abundant rues
For whose heart would it be
That feeds a thousand miles old
Whose heart would it be
That kiss a decade away love

Tell me, a helpless lover
To sleep, and you would lay beside me
The world and its ruins


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Words live on ice

Words live on ice

Who would dance?

Who would share life’s delight?

The hands that fling in flight

The coats on foreign land

Or the buttons shrunk in married light

I’d caution the ladies, and their

Perfumed hearts

There’s so much fun in icy land


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The summary of our life

The summary of our life
Is in a dead man’s pocket

He brings it to seat
On a round table filled with

The drinks are dull
And won’t stay alive

The music vivid, staying memories
In blurry lines

The clock by the side
Won’t move a sec, in its life

The movements in, and out
a hurry, you could count
Those with patient mind

The path that leads
to closed door
At the end of the milky night
Is the gentle tap
From the pass man


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I’m tempted my love

I’m tempted my love
My heart has fallen prey
For another life
Another visit
Another wine

Come quick, stain my heart
With your taste
Your eyes
Your smell

I’d stopped the clock
And begin again
in your presence
your voice would bear
The direction I take

Let me travel them
On the train
On the sea
On farmland

Where the noise of cock
Will announce your return

And let no seductive eyes
Drag me again
No, shall no woman’s eyes see me


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The spirit that searches the earth

The spirit that searches the earth
His hands upon the test
His breathe upon each search
In field, his trumpet is heard
In desert, legs often said

Where man thread
So, his back seems to

Truth on his belt
Happiness, his plight on
Righteous men

What do you seek?
Spirit not from earth
What message did your friends
ask for a share?

In dialogue and weakened words
I hear the matured one
From the long travelled gentleman

The love in the heart
Hidden in the scourge of


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Music from the mountain

Music from the mountain
Kiss from above
The wind possess more wisdom
To share with the fallen world

Songs of peace
From the heart of a child
They tell us, war be no more

Images on the wall
The soul in console
Their hands carry their tired shadows
In written words

Calm was the habitat
Slow were the birds
Natural birth gave
its first walk

Music that pulls the finger
Fire on the lamp
Call home the victory won
By the wounded ones


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An old man named Tom

An old man named Tom
Sang to her daughter in bed
While her hair wiped the surface
Of her heart
The dust on her face

He’d plunged her soft in his hands
And hold her
Till the morning sweeps
broom across their gate

Canticle of the dead
His voice would raise
And the sweet lips would turn the world
Secreted with heavenly whisper
By the foot of his crucifix

All eyes gaze more in his song
Telling history of love
That, that of a Mother’s face


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I pass by the grave

I pass by the grave
to offer sands to the dry leaves

A thick wind offer its soul
In abundant grief

It point to my feelings
With kind words

Death calls itself, the children of men
Not length of days, not hours in wealth
Pack clean, for time is but a stolen ring

Stay alive, for your dreams would witness
The beauty of its deeds
In the night, you fall asleep


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There would be love left

There would be love left

In the smiling face of the infant

The broken heart of the single girl

The slow pass of the elderly man

The deep breath of the young flowers

There would be love left

Life has always offered it so


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There would be peace

There would be peace
I hear the whisper from the
Unborn wind

Loud enough, I chuckle like
A mad man in the street

The thoughts, the Mother wind
Shares with the unborn seed
Pulls me by the breast

Tell, you tell, your adult friends
Far, near
Living on earth, in deep sea
Pull them by their ears
Write them these words

There would be peace
As fine rain share life with
As struggles see light
In pregnant beans

More, if only, they purge themselves
Of unseen things


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Blood on the leaves

Light flicker on our fields
Our seeds has chosen not
To be seen

The older women ask the young wives
The older men summon the young men
The children call out their distant friends

A well forgotten meeting took place
Concerned animals stumbled to the
Little town hall

They asked
With their quiet voices
Screaming the roof of Heavens
In insane

Why has Light departed, like a
Mourning gate?

Why does peace shudder, like a
Growling grave?

It appears to them,
In their clear sentences

There’s blood
On the leaves,
blood on the path
Blood in their Hearts


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Hidden in the Long walk

Hidden in the long walk
Is the sight of Mary’s tree

The farm house
Borne with sheepish gilt

Its splendour is enough
To carry my weary coat

Pleasing, I would hurry my feet
In the soaked wind

Bend my knees
In the thornful leaves

Prepare a bed for me,
An eternal night, where I would savour
The bread and milk

Save my breast, by the
Lady’s seat

Where I would contemplate
Till I’m dead
The heavenly three

In Loving honour of the woman, the Mother of Christ, in whom I contemplate her life, her whole essence. Save me your heart!


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Souls by the riverside

Souls by the riverside
They bring love
Their skins shed light

In the darkness of their
Wimpful search

Mercy abounds, their heart could
Sense the gentle arms

Life sprouts, in the shade
of the giant cloud

images’ splash their
Feet round

Their voices filled the sky
With dance, and scattered cry

The power of the light
And the spirit that hove
the water inside

Brings death to shame
and misery

Mockery to the serpent
And its fiery allies

loosen Hades and
The chains that kept its

birthen the first guest
Of eternal sight
By the riverside, all in
One Life


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Outside the gray dying world

Outside the world is gray
and dying

The clock tick
too slow

The moth won’t swallow
No more

Blackened air has deceased
The trying

For all who call home
They sell a soul

For pure, for tidings
They would perish
in good gold

So too, the earth would leap
In thanksgiving

For our day is
Buried cold in the
Lightened snow


In memory of the deceased, may they find their true home outside of this world.

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At the pool of blood

At the pool of blood

My eyes saw my face,
many faces
Generations was born slowly
The father became the son
The mother became the daughter

The wind brings more rain
toss, to and fro
The world was not
a friendly home

I saw my face
My flesh gave away
greeted by the hail
of another pain
I held my soul, raising my brow
I blessed the sun
making me see her face


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I would tell you, my love

I’ve failed, I’ve tried

I’d be the last man
on earth
When the owl
stay his eyes

I would listen to the
dark skies
as it flap its hands
For close, from on high

The little bird pick up
its flight

I would tell you
of the big ant
and the scream of
‘good night’

The tales of the lamp stand
and the blink of their eyes

The miracle of the peeping eyes
of the morning daylight

The hunt of the farm rat
for the salivary small mouths

The emptiness of the
side walk and the leaves on
the ice

I’d tell you all of this,
in volumes of history note
The complementarity of the
evening life

I would repeat the words of
not the best man
that would ever be alive

not the best man
that would ever
walk a lone park

But of course, the worst man
That would come home
every blessed night


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The Last day

Life cloak my old age
like Noah’s son in the cave

on death, ashes became
my friend

Before the world’s eyes
I stand a trial

greeks, romans
all stoop to witness

A fine line, was drawn
eyes could count the distance

I stand a lone man, packed through
a narrow gate

My fate was placed in deeds done
since, I saw light in
the wilderness

Voices summon in the long hall
Far enough
I could sense their music
and soft galore

Love, was the flame
I pass through, as of the
golden gate

My heart bled, in the middle
and once fell
the broken bridge
saw light in the pass through


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Do tell my friends, I’ll be home

Do tell my friends
I’ll be home

Laid by the river
to sing their hearts her
favourite song

wise, wise
is the hand that rescue gold
in the writ of sand
covered with shadows

The breeze prepares their memorial
a rousing applause, for the path
That unfold


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An image of you awaits

Over the line
across the blue sea
an image of you awaits

baptised with celestial dew
your divine beauty awakes

Slaying death, the bitter
secret of hate

It steps down, light
that shows night its way

calling friends, a lady
with cheerful mint and days
the journey of fulfilment
is at sail


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How she saved me

How she saved me
like a down pour proposal
in the winter storm

A kiss shared by the
vehement wind and the glass made
of bronze

seized my thoughts, and held it
in her dark throne
her ageless fingers pulled, with
a fine silvery thread
she sows slowly
in her heart, without a word
her blood stained
the mirror

We merged, two rivers collide
with equal force
mine, lethal, hers tranquil

The flush, brought my
inner remorse

I cried, as of nothing

There, my pulse beat
and I felt another love


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There would be days

There would be days
Where I’d grow old
and nurture the flowers
waiting for some warmth

And years, many young
The heart that’s grew so cold

But love would share shades
in the hour I stay up

The last would bear
wounds and the glitter that
face the quiet walk

Find me, a place where I would seat
Facing the lightened sun

In countless lives, and dire song

I’d thanked the one
That made love
and pray my memories
Would remind me
I found so glad, an elegant maiden


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In praise of Divine love

There’s a God
and I’m the dust

The language of love
Spelt ages before
Blown into equals
Adam’s soul
in the night eden
Was chosen as one

The woman, ancient song
Spiritual being, gifted for
mortal fools

The beauty that flood eternal gate
spanning ancient rome
to the present world

Romantic seed that
never ceases, the light that
blossoms a thousand souls

O sing to the divine lord
And raise wine and royal sword
To the blessings and rain
That fruits each home


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A hidden place of love

There is a hidden place
in the heart of young love

light, alive than
the morning sun

coarse talk,
voice of a growing song

romantic breath, withered leaves
Form hairy bloom

Tender hands,
fruit of a virgin’s breast

Running sweat, sacrifice
of elderly men

eyes, the infant shares
With his earthly pair

lips, gathering moon
at the service of the nightingale

Two hearts, secret words
written in purple blood

There’s a hidden place
of young love,
Heart of love knows it all


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God is passing this night

God is passing, below this night
eyes behold its eternal mind
Not as light that gave earth
Its birth
Not as shining star that leads
Wisdom in might

No, no

As pain inscribed with words
of early man

Not as Heart crowned
with royal perch
Not as holiness reborn
in temple of rest

No, no

As tears given to ground
Deaf with listening arms

Not as silence that fills
Man’s emptiness
Not as prayers answered
in everyday cry

No, no

As slave locked in bar of sands
Pushing eyes for the sun to rise


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i smell as of an incense

I smell as of an incense
Burnt by the river of light
meddling, a black bird
exposed, at the appearance of
the morning eyes

little children
gathers, for a run

The quirky wind
their nearby friends

With each pick
I see the poor hands
Smear their feet
with the wounds, they stumbled
in the pleasant ride

The soft cry
delivers their heart

It tear scars in the smile
that uncovers the many blinds

The grind and the struggles
filled their abundant lives

I hear them, as though I’m

But, naught the hands taken
By another life


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The night weeps for the morning

The night tell the ladies
a happy ending with holy shed
It fed the murmuring bees
unarmed liquid

It fuels within
Pointing fingers to the fire
burning half the building

No one, humans, knew the meaning
We laughed expecting the morning
Slept like a cripple in a
rosy habit

We hang our safety with the net
of the sinking fish

Told our children a tale of
Heroes in history
Life’s enemies and
unanswered mysteries

Mend shirts with broken needle
Drinking pills of the
expected blessings

If only we could tear the morning
It could have saved
a thousand beings, a wept
said by the talkative fingers of the

Written in memory of the children that was killed while in school by a suicide bomber in North-eastern Nigeria. May their souls rest in peace.


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Another night of love

Bring me to bed
with words
Bind my heart
wrapped with comfort
of my dearly beloved thoughts
in the notes of humanic love

Tell the wounded
Be strong
For your lover’s wine is not
but drunk, in the morning foretold
with departure

Hold still the night
Be warm
Tell those earthen walkers
that sow rest
With light from lower horizon
Lay low thy kindness
For there’d be another night
of love


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Saved me another heart

I walk past the mid of time
The shadow of its way
Night of little rays

Penetrate the secret pass
Cold cloth of the wind
tiny scourge of dusty leaves
Cities built on rocky cliff
the path descend to
memorial building

I find, paused the circling image
Thin shape and figurative lane
Feet unseen in lightened street
Smile written with poisoned ink
Boldly proclaimed on the little board
That swallows the writ

Saved my heart another wish,
Another second, another meaning

Balanced the world within
Steady my boat
on the river that never sink

Sail on, in the height
That open slowly the eyes
of a better morning


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I came across an image

I came across an image
by the afternoon stream

Sweeping across
With fine lining
Woven with tender silk

Spotted by the sun
That travels european cities

Gathering fingers
into delightful beauty

Foaming incessant glories
Sliding into the evening’s duty

It speaks to me
in my local speech

(Ewa pejo, okan duro
Otetisi, owo funfun lori okun)

(Beauty gathers, heart wait
And listens to,
the pure hands upon the stream)

The gentle caress
of the mortal liquid

The pieces saw light
In the muddy, salivary paint
And the stream gave heart
Its enriching gift


paintings by Emmanuel Garant


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I was cursed to Love

I was cursed to love
The day at arrival’s gate

Slaven of happiness,
freedom and interior peace

Bathed with dryness
of the desert’s spring

Crowned with servitude,
Thorns and belly whiskey

To honour I chained
a memorial in the grave

Sacrificed morning, night
And noon to the woven trees
rabbits that dangle in
in their hole and the birds
that chose not to feast

Advance my heart
Roll my sleeve
in the distance that leads
to swollen feet in the scorching heat

Passing words cry out
to me, unknown from the height
Freed of natural beings

To mind, I present
Each moment to live


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The souls of the departed

Darkness smells with the hope
of a candle’s light

Souls sleep in the middle
of their elegant life,
if really, middle did last,
they would never sleep
by the riverside

Life is a miserable blessing
in every minutes alive

The path, a tortuous joy
sorrows and love, alike

The best moment, a sweeping wind
at the graveyard

The vision of the day
Presses deep into our mind
as we settle our feet
With the rest of the crew
in search for another land


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All saints day(reflection)

Saturday, 1-11-2014

Solemnity of all Saints

Readings for the day:

Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14,
1 John 3:1-3,
Psalm 24:1-6,
Matthew 5:1-12

Link to Readings –>


There are certain questions that pail the heart of man and his existence, one of which is the afterlife: What would it be like in the next world? Would there even be a life after this one?, series of questions can be thrown into the water from just this one.

St. John shares with us a glimpse of what it would be like in the next world and those who would likely participate in it, that is, It is a communion of souls(of every race, tribe, people and tongue) gathered in love and praise, and they have washed their robe in the blood of the lamb.- Revelation 7:14.
In essence, it is a place of worship, love and peace, a gathering of holy people, community of believers in one voice and mind, no more diversity as we have it here on earth, with Christ as their head.

As we celebrate the feast of all saints, it is a reminder that when we gather in worship, we participate in the liturgy of the Heavenly throne by the power of the holy spirit, we stand with our fellow brethren who have gone ahead of us (St. Paul, St. Francis of assisi, St. Thomas aquinas) and as pilgrims on earth, should anticipate in courage, hope and faith, the kingdom of Christ where we would live eternally. We form the one family of God, “for if we continue to love one another and to join in praising the Most Holy Trinity – all of us who are sons of God form one family in Christ.”- Lumen gentium 51

It is therefore necessary to set our hearts and minds on the precious gifts ahead, pray and constantly seek to live a life of holiness, for it is those whose hands are sinless, whose heart is clean and desires are not in vain can climb the mountain of the Lord.- Psalm 24:3

We need then to die of sin, of the ills of the world and conduct ourselves in manners worthy of heaven, as stated in the beatitudes given to us by our lord(the blessed are), living a foretaste of the joy of the spirit here on earth.

I conclude with the words of the beloved Apostle, “Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we shall be has not yet been revealed. We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. Everyone who has this hope based on him makes himself pure, as he is pure.- 1 John 3:2-3

Peace and love of Christ!


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Take heed, O gentle lady

Take heed, O gentle lady
For your heart is a bag of salt
Sprinkled on meal
When men come around

Your weakest spot
the flesh that’s pierced into parts
the gathering of the wolves
in the dark moon-lit

Their goodbye, a witness
to their delightful tongues
Leaving a taste in the raven
That creeps, O sad night


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The procession

Sacred voice that bravens
the name of the sky

Feet touted for the
evening parade

face chime towards the earth
in which they were made

hands pressed on breast
A lowly sinner thou hast say

cry of the madonna
Filled their lips in tears like
Heaven’s smoke on rescued earth

Old, young
The infant pair they make

The bell gong their dance
in unseen ballet

To God, they bequest
Their help and changest bread


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Words are such a currency

Words are such a currency
These days
I can’t afford

Minted in pauper’s gold
I seek for some coins

Built in royal throne
The song of stranger’s abroad

Gambler’s loss
In a night of decency

The cup tells it

Filling tank of blue wine
and crisp
Another friendly morning
in the wild sun


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I fade with my words

I fade with my words
heard them coming, but the rush
tear the contour

The bang behind the doors
Louder than a wooden tree fell
by the cricket’s pinch

Lamp stumble at the table’s end
with the venomic shake of the floor

Fire burn the papers blue
With the ink escaping through
the prisoner’s roof

The flames, echoes endless thoughts
With my mind in the mid floor

tap of collapsed walls
Ashes of who could have loved

I fade with my words
As I couldn’t find the voice
In the burnt day that it did come


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Gone would be the days

Gone would be the days
When you were young
And your nails used to crawl

For perfection lies the road
That you turn
In the nick of the noon

Love saved a dust
In the ribs of adam’s bone

Songs play a rhythm
In divinity’s arm

Souls relax and listen
With immortal clock

Ticking beyond the silence
Of the wooden world


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I fall in love with you twice

I fall in love with you twice:

The day of your birth and
the entrance of your death
The blessings of two worlds

Birth, you loosened your eyes
Into my silken world, sow every bit
With your love in crayon colours,
let go my heart into the rainy sun

Death, you close your eyes
To the walls of the first world,
Led my hand with
Mortal garments worn
Into the next world
Where my heart was made
into an undying love


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Return daily, my love

Return daily, my love
Not to a world where you would
Be dust

To the highest peak
Where you would
Be warm
by the light that faces
the sun

Clothe in my skin
Be worn
in the beauty
of many worlds
Daily, your gaze
Would never fall

Enter my heart
Be caught
in the journey
Of signs and symbols
Where love, our guest
would play eternal song


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Africa, my home

A woman stoop by the burning lantern
It was morning
her eyes, yet found a sleep
Tending to the lambs
that clothe her sheet

Noisy the wind was
Calm the heart is
Yet she was glad
she’d tell it again
how fine she has been

Brave, wise and warm
The crown of all women around
She’s get a garb
Her lover found her heart

Dareful, she is
lions pay her honour
Relentless whole being,
she never give up
Her dreams
Even when the sun
Has given blessed
part of her peas

Faithful to nature’s bliss
Her voice awaken the spirit
She’s the cry
That lines gold the heavenly stream

Africa, my woman
How wine cannot be sweeter than thee!

Proud to be one, the taste gladdens my heart this warm evening, as always, I can’t but tell the world.

Mo ju ba(I hail thee)!!!


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Heaven is within my home

Heaven is within my home
your hands pine upon my breast
My maiden, since I was born

I waiver and braver
An elephant that had found
its beloved soul

The love, bitter and sweeter
Like a page that got severed in the
Treasure’s island

I clasped my hands inside
Settling with the night
That gave heart its cloth

The diamond that got
its better sold

With a huge relief
I knew
I had found my sleeping hole


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Its night here

Its night here
The wind sense my longing
it blow silt of memories
the sun hides my feelings

Terrestrial animals mount
the wave of the sea in pairs
they twist their wings
in the night’s jealousy

The news came, a first kiss
From the couple that got married
in the night, I walk towards
the sandy bridge

The old man I hear gave a blessing
tears flooded the ceremony
And the bell salute their bearings
in the east a grave praise
From the distance relative

The town was filled with faces
Young and old they linger beside me
Playing songs of ‘maiden la baby’
The heart they say
know what its truly

I rest my words on the stone
That sat the young bed
That knew nothing
And there your name
Stood beside the evening


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Honour her for me

Honour her for me
I beg thee humanity!

She’s the eyes
spring yearn to see

Rose, that sting
blessings over the stream

Wind, that sweeps
life through the trees

Comfort, sinners brace
heaven tender’s gate

Beauty, artist seek
to express the glimpse

Words, poet bled
to erode her feet

Light, ray blinds
hellish flee

Peace, motherly care
within arm’s reach

Love, Heaven bestow
from among her seed

Honour her for me
I beg thee humanity!

She’s the eve that
taste ever newly


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The night closes in

Warm sun settles
down the stream

Flowers envelope for
a good night’s feel

young bird closes eyes
to sleep

Silence kiss the lips
of the old man’s skin

Eternity made home
With the couple’s wish

Images tell stories
over a drink

The light shut
in the neighbour’s
across the street

young cry of the
little baby

Glad heart of the mother
in the mild rhythm

The angel sends
his blessings and greetings

The heart listens
and shares the delivery


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lay beside my heart, when i fall asleep

Lay beside my heart
When I fall asleep

Count the number of years
I walk by the street

Console my heart
There’s a door at the end
of the trip

Call gently
From the valley
that mourn pass the wind

Search my soul from the smoke
that hurries the
rhythm of grief

Naked my body
From the axe that fell
upon the tree

Call bid
thy ears I whisper still

And I would tell
There’s a light
That follows the leaf
that settles upon the stream


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i beg refreshment for my soul

I beg refreshment for my soul
When I lay to sleep

That your voice set me free
in the evening, eyes meet

Years bound me loose
in the morning
ice settle the stream

Palm, a new birth
With the sun arriving its lips

Earth and silent wind
Sweeping fast across the street

Flies gather more
To celebrate my retrieve

Heart listen
to the movement of drum beat

And in those heavenly moments
That taste of joy

My soul blend with thee


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Grant me your peace

Grant me your peace
heart want to be high and free

Hold me, let me be still
Pause fear and vent heal

The spirit and heavenly beings
my companions, I ask thee

Voice from mountain and stream
Calm deep my disturbed dreams

Teach eyes to follow thee
Where rest I shall find be

Beauty clothe in nature seen
oil my head with thy fingers
set loose my feet

Where I would run and breathe in
The air I found, saved only for me


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We Have Moved


Howdy my beautiful followers,

You would notice I’ve been inactive lately on this blog. The reason is that I’ve been working on a new site. It’s now up and running. I thought I could do it in such a way that my followers here on the blog can access it through their reader, but I’ve not been able to. So, please kindly follow me at I would be glad you did.

As always, thank you for riding with me, in this journey of life, as we both look toward the greeny greens!


Michael Ogundele, from the beautiful city of Lagos

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And the day is night


And the day shall turn to night, the sun is out of town

A child is taking the stranger round town

Their heads to a distant house
buried with silver sand

The stranger with no words to be found, nor the coat has found an
antique coin

The cloud stood above their hearts
with powerful ears on his gird

and with a smile, gave them all he has in store


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The night, I made an arrest


The night, I made an arrest
It was cold, my fingers and speech
was a perfect set, birth many years
to live

I blew the sands, carried heavy
armory, the standing light
My Judge and witness to be

i was all frownish, dressed
in a serious suit, black and light golden, it’s a deadly death of a spare evening

No casual music, no foreign dancing
Jokes was given to the cab to sail
to the sea

I was alone with her, and my
captive to be
And on a bended knee, I ask
if she would marry me


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Be Healed


Be healed, be at peace
Let go of the vile and
dark secret
Wipe the tears that cycle
the entire season
Turn the lock of emptiness
Ride on the horse of purity
white, brilliant, dazzling on the
pedals of faith and belief

Let the course of depression
and tantrums of angst find
a better breathing

Be bold, tell a
colourful story

Warm your feet
in the heat of the morning

Join the birds, sing a
love story

Feed the poor and console
the bereaved

Write to a distant cousin
Share a laugh with a neighbour
over a drink
Respect the elderly

Be glad
You would make it


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