Giving our all

Monday 25-11-2013

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr

Readings For the day:

Daniel 1:1-6, 8-20
Daniel 3: 29-30, 31-33, 32-34
Luke 21:1-4


Men has been enriched with a unique gift from above. A unique gift if when put to use will radiate us in the world. We cannot fully enjoy the richness of this gifts if we do not cooperate with the giver of this gift.

In the reading of today, several things separated daniel and his companions from his contemporaries, the highlights of these are as follows.

The First is that Daniel and his companions chose to live a simple life amidst the riches that surround them. They chose to part ways with irrelevances and stick to what would really uphold them. Are we holding on to things/properties that might be useful to others?. How generous are we?.

The second is they follow the path of the creator and God gave them wisdom and skills. In particular, Daniel was endowed with visions and dreams. He that follow the path of the Lord is like a tree growing beside a stream, they bear awesome fruit at the right time.

The third is they gave themselves to study. For our gifts to be sharpened and improved upon, we must study intensely. We must seek to develop in every facet of our life by active learning. This is the way to ignite the gifts buried in us.

The Fourth is that Daniel and his companions lived a communal life. None lived in isolation, they must have encouraged themselves in words, prayers and deeds. We need others in our lives to refine the gifts we may have.
Lastly, they were Men of prayer and praise. They blessed the name of the Lord in their lives. They recognize his beauty in all they do and in their very existence. They do not fail to sing of his goodness. How often do you sing praises to God’s name for his gift in your life?. Are we full of ourselves for our accomplishment and do not see God’s hand in it.

In all, People of God are generous, seek to follow God, study both God’s word and as well improve professionally in their work of life, maintain a communal life and are full of praise and prayer. If we do all this, we would stand out in the world just like Daniel and his companions and people would marvel in our works. Let us then give our all(not just some part) to enrich the lives of others as we have been uniquely enriched by God.

May God’s favor and compassion abide with us all the days of our lives through christ our lord(Amen).


About Michael Ogundele

A writer, ardent reader and lover of nature. fell in love with writing five years back and I've been engraved in her arms ever since. I share my little way of writing poetry and reflections based on Catholic faith and Spirituality on this space. I hope you enjoy reading as we ride the same chariot to the leafy greens. Do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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