I wrote 1000 Poems for your Departure!!!

I wrote it!
I wrote how you packed and left
With your briefcase
And your long gown taste

All night
My brain keep revolving
The earth
With a splash of creepy speed
Falling a thousand times
In your crucifix’s nails

Your words cut me deep
With a wooden saw
With no nails
To handle the pain

You said you never cared
And your hard hearts have
Fallen in the shoes
Of another pair
Molding into an igneous rock
Of shameless sand there

Of what help
Would I raise the little bears
Where my arms can’t embrace
The living share

Staring at the pale roof
With little candle burning in blue
I wrote a thousand poems
About your departure
I’m willing to share

With my pen nailing
The glorious night
I expect the saintly sail
With the dawn of sugar feel


Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk


About Michael Ogundele

A writer, ardent reader and lover of nature. fell in love with writing five years back and I've been engraved in her arms ever since. I share my little way of writing poetry and reflections based on Catholic faith and Spirituality on this space. I hope you enjoy reading as we ride the same chariot to the leafy greens. Do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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