You purge me with your Love

You purge me
With your every love
Leaving me inflamed in thy
Sweetest place engraved
deep within thy richly hell
Bound in chains with thou heavenly grace

My heart flips
With the best pains
Of the streams of your love
Trickling out the beauty of your blood

Man oh Man
Your left my heart climbing higher
To see your face among the leaves
Folded in thy inner garden
Present on the skull of the diamond’s hill

Picking flower after your name
Staring at thy renewed taste
With cold fumes from thou virgin’s crest
Always refreshing with the honey’s brew
Blessing the hands of the poor ant’s taste

You purge me
You purge me with thy blessed self
Giving me black tea of your love




About Michael Ogundele

A writer, ardent reader and lover of nature. fell in love with writing five years back and I've been engraved in her arms ever since. I share my little way of writing poetry and reflections based on Catholic faith and Spirituality on this space. I hope you enjoy reading as we ride the same chariot to the leafy greens. Do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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9 Responses to You purge me with your Love

  1. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Michael, your words are as Golden as the Light of God. Your words are so powerful, finding their Home deep in my Heart. Thank you for sharing your Gift with us. I see Ihsan follows you, and his words like yours, always bring to me, Honey and Manna from Heaven. Bless you from all of Me. Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

    PS I am of the honest breed and because I do not believe in how the Catholic Church focuses so much on sin and not LOVE, I do not participate. I do not participate in any “religion” any more, for I have found God in Mother Nature. As you can attest, you can and you do feel “God” in my work. I am not lacking for my choices. I am free to be me without “man’s” rules telling me how to live my life.

    When I was 8 years old, I asked a Nun why I must go to confession when I do not have sin, and that I talked to Jesus all the time. I was punished. It makes my Heart rejoice to see someone as you inside the church, hopefully getting people to SEE that Jesus taught LOVE. And that LOVE is the answer to all. xx Amy


    • Your words is coated with glass of pure stones. Your heart sure is made of Gold that Love truly radiate from its depth. Your work do breath divine life in it that I appreciate reading it(your photos included), am truly glad you put to great use your gifts. I’m truly sorry about the incident with the Nun(that’s to show of our imperfection).

      Love truly is the answer to all. The way I see it– the Church is there to guide us see the heart of Christ the more and how to further grow in Love as we head on to our home beyond(some of its members may have failed in this respect as we all are struggling towards perfection).

      May your heart always seek truth and I hope someday it would guide you back my friend.

      Love and (((HUGS)))



      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Thank you, Michael. Those who are in the Church where I live are afraid of open thinkers as I am. They like structure and they do not see me as a Child of Christ, but one who has fallen by the wayside. That is the furthest thing from the Truth. Jesus has been a “Guide” since a child and He to this day, speaks to me. Much of what I post on my blog are Words from Him or from Others in Spirit. They taught me, Michael, not man. My Uncle was a priest in the Catholic Church and he like me, had a very open and curious Mind. He was a truly holy man, and eventually he too walked away from the Church because of its limitations. He studied other religions and his Mind asked questions that made those in the Church uncomfortable. I see Truth as Universal, as did he. No one faith is the “right” path, as some claim to be. I like my uncle, studied and read other Scriptures besides the Bible and was amazed when I saw Truth in them all.

        I don’t know what it is about religion here in the area I live, but it has closed hearts and allowed fear to take hold. I am free as I am and am so humbled to know that I am truly Divinely Guided in all I do. Yes, I do miss the community in a church and to be honest with you, I was just thinking about that the other day. How nice it would be to find a church who is accepting of the fact that I do not put a label on God. God is LOVE. LOVE is God.

        My goodness!! I could talk to you all day. And today my gardens call to begin the process of opening them. My neighbor has some bulbs coming up that I plan on photographing when the light is right. More crocuses and (oh I forgot what the names are …. I’ll have to ask Nancy again!) so my heart will not be here today. It will be out talking to “God” in the gardens. (smile) Love, Amy


      • I’m glad your heart is finding its voice with God in the garden. Can’t wait to see those pictures of yours!

        I’m sorry to hear that you were sidelined as you were growing up, saddened my heart to hear that. I do agree that truth is universal and we can find words of wisdom to live by in other books. We cannot shy away from the fact that there seems to be some differences in various teachings of religion(though we shouldn’t dwell on that but focus on what would bring us together) which makes one left with the choice of which to follow.

        Jesus Christ pointed out to his apostles that he is the way, truth and life in which one can get to the father, this he appointed the apostles to spread in the world. The bishops around the world share in this mission and they are to ensure that the flock they direct understands these teachings as the Holy spirit direct us to the fullness of truth. The claim as the true religion is not because of them, but the trust in the person of Christ and his words haven first said this.

        I like open minded people and I feel that shouldn’t cringe one with fear. It helps to better dialogue and be open to new ways of seeing the same truth(since truth cannot be altered). That makes me curious on the limitations your uncle found in the Church?

        In all, Love should always lead our way, for in Love and Mercy, we find God.

        Enjoy your stay with the flowers!

        Love and (((HUGS)))



      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        BREAK! I’ve been thinking about this conversation. My uncle. His entire demeanor/energy/aura/ oozed Love. He loved everyone. He didn’t see people as needing to be saved, or unlovable. No. He LIVED the message of Jesus in his every moment. I do the same thing. I don’t talk religion. I see all as Sparks of God, LOVE even when they do not see it themselves, and I embrace all people for who they are. I don’t talk Gospel, I don’t talk Jesus for many are just not ready to hear. So I go in the back door. And Love unconditionally, and as I do, I pray and I allow the Holy Spirit (I say Spirit) to do the work of God …. watering the seeds that I have planted. I have been called to LOVE, to know LOVE, to BE LOVE. This is why so many come to my blog, Michael, for you can honestly feel the Love I radiate. I know how to joke I know how to laugh I know how to talk someone’s talk just by “knowing” where they are in life. I “see”, I “feel” and by doing so, I know what to say or what not to say.

        The Church I attended in grammar school I really Loved. Now this is the irony. The Church is called St. Francis of Assisi, (Patron Saint of Animals) and I in my life, take care of the neglected, hurt, dying, sick, special animals. They trust me. I loved the holiness of that church that I felt. The Holy Spirit and Angels were definitely there. There have been many churches I have walked into that the Holy Spirit has been absent from.

        Anyways … as you read my “sayings” you will recognize the Gospel in them. And Truth. Yes, Michael, I am given these words. In fact, yesterday, I was at the gym, doing my thing on a machine and darn it, the words began to flow. I stopped what I was doing, went to the front desk for pen and paper and immediately wrote what I heard. If I don’t I sometimes loose the words so I have been taught to right them down. I heard: “You need not search far for Heaven. For Heaven is right before your very eyes. You just have to open them. Your eyes.” (smile) You’ll see that soon. The message here is that so many run in circles to find “God” but all along “God” is right smack in front of them. Or rather right within their very hearts.

        Anyways, this to me is a great honor and a great JOY. It is not often I can speak like this, for when I do talk, it is from the perspective of the other person. Now I must get a glass of water and continue in my gardens until it is time to feed my cats. (darn it!) I forgot to turn the dishwasher on again. Now I have to wash the dishes by hand. That is not the unusual. LOL I tend to like to wash dishes by hand, so you could say my subconscious is directing me not to turn the dishwasher on. (smile) Till next time, Amy


      • Its a good thing your uncle loved everyone. Being saved is not because of our not being loved, but as a result of our sins; Christ came to die for us as a result of the Father’s love for mankind down through the ages. That’s the purpose of our redemption. Living the message of Christ is a good thing but it does not mean we should exclude ourselves from talking about the Cross and Resurrection which permeates the whole Christian message.

        Talking religion to me is not a bad thing, religion encompasses the whole of man’s existence. Not to talk of it, is to shy away from a great deal of things. Along with Christianity, there are many religions in the world, in all, we should encourage dialogue in order to foster unity, peace and the betterment of mankind. To live the life of a christian is to live a life of Love for God and neighbor(this is the core of the gospel), why not talk about it, since it radiates love.

        At all seasons, let us talk about Jesus, I know not all would be ready to listen, who knows what our efforts might turn out to be. If none of the apostles talked about him as a result of people not giving an ear, I don’t think I would ever be a Christian.

        I would disagree with you on the absence of the holy spirit in Churches you visited, regardless of how plentiful sinners may abound in the Church, the holy spirit is always there as promised by Christ to guide his people for all ages. The holy spirit is always there for those that want to come back to God in those churches.

        I do agree with you that God is in our heart and it is a great joy to behold. It is good to know you wash dishes by hand. Happy gardening my friend!



      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Michael, dear friend, I walk a different Path. I do not mean any disrespect to you but I am following the direction of my heart. Jesus worked outside of the churches. So do I. Many come to my blog of other faiths, and it is not my place to tell them they are wrong. I will not do it. My Message is Love. I equate God with Love and those who read my words, know this. I am very uncomfortable trying to convince someone that their ways are not the “right ways” so this is NOT my calling. My Calling is to radiate LOVE into this world. We all have our parts in the spreading of the Good News. I know what mine is. I respect and honor all peoples, Michael, for who they are in that moment. Many come to me for I do not judge and they speak of their troubles and I listen. Isn’t this what Jesus would want of us? I know so. I help the hurting of heart and mind, and I inspire and encourage and lift up. I purposely stay away from “religion” and “politics” because my heart is telling me to do so.

        WE agree to disagree. That is OK. I am being true to my path, and my heart, and my Calling. No one can convince me of anything else. Many have tried. Many have hurt me. I have been shunned for the way I think and for who I am. But this powerful energy of LOVE in my heart to reach those who are hurting I shall not ignore. This is who I am, Michael. Nothing more, nothing less. With Love, Amy


      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        PS … I have Muslims, and Christians, and Pagans (to name a few) following me. I reach out to them in Love and in sincere friendship. Don’t you think the seeds I am planting will be watered by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, words push away. Actions, on the other hand, speak a whole lot louder then words. I just recently reached out in LOVE to someone who I knew had a hard heart and I laid it on the line how I see things. His response in return was of LOVE. So the hardness changed to that of LOVE. This is what I see every day. Just accept me for who I am, Michael. You SEE me, you really SEE me. Not many do. And for this I am humbled and full of JOY at the same time. Bless you! Love, Amy


      • Keep living the love my friend, we would meet I hope at the turn of the tunnel!

        Love and (((HUGS)))



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