To Dorathy my beloved(4)

Make room for me
Where I would lay my head
At the waste of the day’s tear
Scorching heavily from my waist

Lay thy bed
With thy beautiful skin
Where I would parch my garments
To spark the fragments of my heart
While I begone

Sprinkle the myrrh from your lips
To glue my ride to your dreams
Blowing the winds of beautiful sky
As we spread our wings

Whisper my name
Whisper my name Do-ra-thy
From thy black shiny lips
Wet with the rain of blessedness
For my heart longs for every longings
To hear it sing forevermore



About Michael Ogundele

A writer, ardent reader and lover of nature. fell in love with writing five years back and I've been engraved in her arms ever since. I share my little way of writing poetry and reflections based on Catholic faith and Spirituality on this space. I hope you enjoy reading as we ride the same chariot to the leafy greens. Do follow me and together, let us jump into the ocean of my ink.
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6 Responses to To Dorathy my beloved(4)

  1. dorathy adimula says:

    I reserve my comment


  2. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Beautiful. (smile) Lucky woman!

    Michael, there is a post on my blog that has NOTHING to do with you. I wanted to be sure you understand this. I’ve had an onslaught lately of “you should” people, and today being tired from reopening my gardens, my resistance came down. And so I wrote a post. Again NOTHING to do with you!!! Love, Amy


    • I do understand Amy! Keep loving my friend. Thanks to your kind heart for bringing the post to my attention. Do have a lovely rest my friend!

      Thanks for the compliments by the way.



      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Bless you, Michael, and thank you so much. I cherish you in my life, and I would not want to inadvertently hurt you in any way. I am feeling better now, thank you. This gardening is tough work. I am calling it for the day, take some photos and rest for the rest of the day. I still have cats to give meds to and what not, but the hard work is done for the day. (((HUGS))) Amy

        PS Your poetry is powerful and moves me everytime I read it. Thank you for sharing your Precious Gift with us. xx


  3. Thank you for kind comments. I do appreciate staring at the clear rays streaming from the sun of your end. Do have all the rest you need. By the way, I do enjoy your hard working nature. Would be looking forward to your photos.



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