Take heed, O gentle lady

Take heed, O gentle lady
For your heart is a bag of salt
Sprinkled on meal
When men come around

Your weakest spot
the flesh that’s pierced into parts
the gathering of the wolves
in the dark moon-lit

Their goodbye, a witness
to their delightful tongues
Leaving a taste in the raven
That creeps, O sad night


Image courtesy: stunningmesh.com

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The procession

Sacred voice that bravens
the name of the sky

Feet touted for the
evening parade

face chime towards the earth
in which they were made

hands pressed on breast
A lowly sinner thou hast say

cry of the madonna
Filled their lips in tears like
Heaven’s smoke on rescued earth

Old, young
The infant pair they make

The bell gong their dance
in unseen ballet

To God, they bequest
Their help and changest bread


Image courtesy: stjames-cathedral.org

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Words are such a currency

Words are such a currency
These days
I can’t afford

Minted in pauper’s gold
I seek for some coins

Built in royal throne
The song of stranger’s abroad

Gambler’s loss
In a night of decency

The cup tells it

Filling tank of blue wine
and crisp
Another friendly morning
in the wild sun


Image courtesy: new.mi9.com

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I fade with my words

I fade with my words
heard them coming, but the rush
tear the contour

The bang behind the doors
Louder than a wooden tree fell
by the cricket’s pinch

Lamp stumble at the table’s end
with the venomic shake of the floor

Fire burn the papers blue
With the ink escaping through
the prisoner’s roof

The flames, echoes endless thoughts
With my mind in the mid floor

tap of collapsed walls
Ashes of who could have loved

I fade with my words
As I couldn’t find the voice
In the burnt day that it did come


Image courtesy: favim.com

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Gone would be the days

Gone would be the days
When you were young
And your nails used to crawl

For perfection lies the road
That you turn
In the nick of the noon

Love saved a dust
In the ribs of adam’s bone

Songs play a rhythm
In divinity’s arm

Souls relax and listen
With immortal clock

Ticking beyond the silence
Of the wooden world


Image courtesy: adgansky.wordpress.com

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I fall in love with you twice

I fall in love with you twice:

The day of your birth and
the entrance of your death
The blessings of two worlds

Birth, you loosened your eyes
Into my silken world, sow every bit
With your love in crayon colours,
let go my heart into the rainy sun

Death, you close your eyes
To the walls of the first world,
Led my hand with
Mortal garments worn
Into the next world
Where my heart was made
into an undying love


Image courtesy: 74211.com

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Return daily, my love

Return daily, my love
Not to a world where you would
Be dust

To the highest peak
Where you would
Be warm
by the light that faces
the sun

Clothe in my skin
Be worn
in the beauty
of many worlds
Daily, your gaze
Would never fall

Enter my heart
Be caught
in the journey
Of signs and symbols
Where love, our guest
would play eternal song


Image courtesy: abc.net.au

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Africa, my home

A woman stoop by the burning lantern
It was morning
her eyes, yet found a sleep
Tending to the lambs
that clothe her sheet

Noisy the wind was
Calm the heart is
Yet she was glad
she’d tell it again
how fine she has been

Brave, wise and warm
The crown of all women around
She’s get a garb
Her lover found her heart

Dareful, she is
lions pay her honour
Relentless whole being,
she never give up
Her dreams
Even when the sun
Has given blessed
part of her peas

Faithful to nature’s bliss
Her voice awaken the spirit
She’s the cry
That lines gold the heavenly stream

Africa, my woman
How wine cannot be sweeter than thee!

Proud to be one, the taste gladdens my heart this warm evening, as always, I can’t but tell the world.

Mo ju ba(I hail thee)!!!


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Heaven is within my home

Heaven is within my home
your hands pine upon my breast
My maiden, since I was born

I waiver and braver
An elephant that had found
its beloved soul

The love, bitter and sweeter
Like a page that got severed in the
Treasure’s island

I clasped my hands inside
Settling with the night
That gave heart its cloth

The diamond that got
its better sold

With a huge relief
I knew
I had found my sleeping hole


Image courtesy: fineartamerica.com

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Its night here

Its night here
The wind sense my longing
it blow silt of memories
the sun hides my feelings

Terrestrial animals mount
the wave of the sea in pairs
they twist their wings
in the night’s jealousy

The news came, a first kiss
From the couple that got married
in the night, I walk towards
the sandy bridge

The old man I hear gave a blessing
tears flooded the ceremony
And the bell salute their bearings
in the east a grave praise
From the distance relative

The town was filled with faces
Young and old they linger beside me
Playing songs of ‘maiden la baby’
The heart they say
know what its truly

I rest my words on the stone
That sat the young bed
That knew nothing
And there your name
Stood beside the evening


Image courtesy: fanpop.com

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Honour her for me

Honour her for me
I beg thee humanity!

She’s the eyes
spring yearn to see

Rose, that sting
blessings over the stream

Wind, that sweeps
life through the trees

Comfort, sinners brace
heaven tender’s gate

Beauty, artist seek
to express the glimpse

Words, poet bled
to erode her feet

Light, ray blinds
hellish flee

Peace, motherly care
within arm’s reach

Love, Heaven bestow
from among her seed

Honour her for me
I beg thee humanity!

She’s the eve that
taste ever newly


Image courtesy: nelsonmcbs.wordpress.com

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The night closes in

Warm sun settles
down the stream

Flowers envelope for
a good night’s feel

young bird closes eyes
to sleep

Silence kiss the lips
of the old man’s skin

Eternity made home
With the couple’s wish

Images tell stories
over a drink

The light shut
in the neighbour’s
across the street

young cry of the
little baby

Glad heart of the mother
in the mild rhythm

The angel sends
his blessings and greetings

The heart listens
and shares the delivery


Image courtesy: jenguin.com

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lay beside my heart, when i fall asleep

Lay beside my heart
When I fall asleep

Count the number of years
I walk by the street

Console my heart
There’s a door at the end
of the trip

Call gently
From the valley
that mourn pass the wind

Search my soul from the smoke
that hurries the
rhythm of grief

Naked my body
From the axe that fell
upon the tree

Call bid
thy ears I whisper still

And I would tell
There’s a light
That follows the leaf
that settles upon the stream


Image courtesy: thecontinuingwitness.com

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i beg refreshment for my soul

I beg refreshment for my soul
When I lay to sleep

That your voice set me free
in the evening, eyes meet

Years bound me loose
in the morning
ice settle the stream

Palm, a new birth
With the sun arriving its lips

Earth and silent wind
Sweeping fast across the street

Flies gather more
To celebrate my retrieve

Heart listen
to the movement of drum beat

And in those heavenly moments
That taste of joy

My soul blend with thee


Image courtesy: jeffreyholton.blogspot.com

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Grant me your peace

Grant me your peace
heart want to be high and free

Hold me, let me be still
Pause fear and vent heal

The spirit and heavenly beings
my companions, I ask thee

Voice from mountain and stream
Calm deep my disturbed dreams

Teach eyes to follow thee
Where rest I shall find be

Beauty clothe in nature seen
oil my head with thy fingers
set loose my feet

Where I would run and breathe in
The air I found, saved only for me


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forget me not in thy bosom

Forget me not
in thy bosom of care

Where I would separate
with worldly woes and fear

Death beneath my feet in quench
Breast proclaim life that see clear

Save heart a dream that made bare
Cast on a sea with waves of tears

Bitter memories gone, with no reflect
Hanging a bin in grave’s chest

Valleys stood high in Heaven’s genuflect
I kiss the feet that made men

Innocence returned on a carriage
filled with angels

I filled my veins with blood
That springs near
in a fount golden with
ice and mint pearls

Sleep sound a horn of blessing
That never ends

My heart praise
With birds that drew near
Hands warmth in soft prepare
Soaring high in mid air

I lay in grass fold with mercy
Amidst the eyes of ancient men
My heart meditate how love
Would always be my true friend


Image courtesy: politicalquarterly.org.uk

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Eletric bulb from Hell

Electric bulb shown down
on earth

People thought it was light
From another planet

They never knew
Hell has come dine with men

Deceit lay hold in the heart
Of the aliens

They taught man
to be wicked, to distrust his
fellow men

Wars spark on,
asking who is with the aliens

They massacred children
And those without fear

They raped, and made money
Their day’s length

Enemies own nothing
their clothes and distance breathe

Empires grounded
With lust and shamefulness

They drank, merry
And roared without end

birds call for help
from peaceful men

doubt occupies the head
of brave men

Cries hove heavens
Like daily bread

Angels prepare their armed men
Memories spat on the ruined face
Of the aliens

They ran like donkey
With no legs

Rain descend fire
upon their chest

Earth returned to its sinless
Heaven made lips
in the soul of mortal men


Image courtesy: worldboat.blogspot.com

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I was less of an Hero today

I was less of an Hero today
Lord knows, I would follow
beyond the gate

The inscription sadden my taste
Written in the words of early age

I managed with my glasses
To hear the say

gray nails
Spelt backwards
a mile away

The raven on the wall digest again
my breathe got sick
and narrowed its taste

The long road bends again
I ask, if it would ever be gone
No way

The sun shames our walk
This day
It cast shadow in the morning
That reminds our birth

No mind my man, The lady says
a fairy would guide our way
My heart disturbed
escaped, its grave
I knew that part was meant
For the late

I look over and I saw death
with a smile on his face
Sublime, I did
And I hold her
till the end


Image courtesy: camcimcumcem.com

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I sat in the comfort of Heavenly men

I sat in the comfort
of Heavenly men
Light glow and radiance
showers on breast and remain

Water drip from the rock
That cracks a living
Sight and glory met
between the existence

Virgins found heart
That’s worth a giving
They tell how long
time has hidden
the distance

Widow and orphan
Found their deep rest
on the parallel grass
That lay rush the river

villain set eyes
in darkness and hatred
Paced forth
Where they hear much
of the merriment

Children and women
Play with cricket
Lion and lamb
They gather with gentleness

Tongues and heart
Form one tribe in holiness
Memories of love
They fly in common place

Angels share bed with
mortals and sleepless
The night calls one
To each day in his presence


Image courtesy: gopixpic.com

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silence of a new day

Silence break heart
with the wind

It bid welcome
feet kept
alive at warm feast

It call names
of heaven enrolled
a new bathe

It stops the heart
of the night
And saddle it for a ride

It calls welcome
Plants and yawning seed
Praising hearts
Young and white green

The silence of the morning
Look round the earth in young belief
it settles the heart
Another beginning


Image courtesy: eliseenchanted.deviantart.com

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I heard they say God never lives

I heard they say
God never lives
I’d say they be fool
For they never spoke to me

He sits my house
a rest of a long evening
And ask that light dim face
After a hard day on the fields

he cares and prune the skin for free
With heart in sun,
palms all dip in silt

His shadow proclaim of mighty deeds
Water ooze of beauty in release

Plant share secret of mysteries
To ears bend at its table for a drink

Ants salute the mighty king
Lowly to repair their broken bridge

Rocks revere the majesty
Master work, in order and bliss

How then you haven’t seen
Nor care to join when we gather
In winter’s wind

God lived, lives and would always live


Image courtesy: koolfuninfo.blogspot.com

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Peace, a weed

Peace fought hard
Like a relentless weed
With no gloves

gentle and loved
To be threshed by the
raving fire in the night

gathers round
the young and bright
Telling how missed
if she was gone

Her root lay green
in the sun
and her fruits
Taste sweet when chew loud

A woman with young blood
She persuade her love
With kind words
Telling how history would recoil
in the lover’s arm
if she be barren
and sent forth


Image courtesy: forums2.gardenweb.com

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The thought of Nothingness

The thought of nothingness
Moved me to sit in the street
With the men that beg
alms in gold and silver ring

I seek to be in their shadows
Where we’d never be known
And our cry would be empty
And free

Let me be, crowned with their
garments and elegant speech
Their walk and bed
I want to find my rest
When night grant a sleep
With a coin to support our dreams

share me their jokes
meal and morning prayers
Kiss and warm feel

Let our heart moan
With blessings from the sun
And our palms dry
with the wind that carry
our birth of a new beginning

Tell the king I live
With the prince of the street
And I beg to be here
Till I part with earth and fold
With the beggar’s mint


Image courtesy: racheltanurmemorialprize.org

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Queen of Peace

Queen of peace
Infant soul leap to thee
Embrace with thy
Robe and fragrance spew

Traveller’s mind cold
in the distance sea
Burn in the night
oil flame with misery

Clothe the palms
With heavenly writ
Blow innocence
into the elderly skin

Teach the spirit songs
earth would live and breathe
Birds would sink in joy
Dead with disbelief

Allow heart heal and wounded
Soft and clean

Beg solace from the wind
That naked with garment soak
with rest and peace

Hear the count of beads
That raise head with
uproar stream

Speak and let the gentle tears
Be still

Dance with the grief
The hills beg with me

Tell the mind buried
There’s hope in the sun
That rise in chains
Asking to be set free

Allow I ask
That I die in your arms
Knowing I’ll live
To tell of your beauty
That saved me


Image courtesy: http://www.spreadjesus.org

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My Lord, My love

My lord, my love
The heart
I dwell in time’s long

The perfect being
I leave all
all earthly things

The beauty, the light
Eyes not see
The health that heals

The voice, the soothing gold
When earthly despair holds
sends peace, nature brings

The coolness, the breeze
You own, you give
To calm the busyness within

How I, praise thee
My soul exclaim love
to one in three

I found, I found thee
Death would bound no gift
To all I bring to thee

I would be going away for some time. God’s willing, would be back by october. Stay safe my friends!



Image courtesy: fantom-xp.com

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You are a chosen one

You are a chosen one
Carved with gold
From mount olives

Light perfect
whose time live

Water that fills
the divine sea

whose lamp
always blink

Height upon
the farthest height
Your strength
never cease

The perfect origin
of divine feet

successful instrument
of eternal blade

You are a chosen one
That you should
always see


Image courtesy: globalfusionproductions.org

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My greetings to the men at Heaven’s gate

Say hi for me
To the men that
breathe life at
Heaven’s gate

Their work
I cherish still

Their water
of welcome
set good my seeds

Their songs
nourish the sun
to give strength
That never cease

Their voice a friend
to mortal bodies
and enemy to those
who seek earthly things

Their heart
a fountain of love
that refills within

Give them my kiss
A warm hug
Tell them earth
sends his best gift


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The world claps old today

The world claps
old today
Her heart always run
For new entry and exit

One thing struck
me in release

The morning it ought
to ring the tower
across the moody street

There stood a long pause
It took the time
of all in wait
as men were
left inconclusive

The patches of silence
took our grieve

We stared
as cold fish
Hungered to be eaten
By belly meat

There, the world
Feel in love
with noble eyes
She has never seen
All were given
a dozen season


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my heart in struggle

My heart begs to be seen
From the fusion
of light and death
That passes the skin

It calls to the stranger
Travelling on foot
to be fed by bread
That kills poison
and disease

None look too busy
Eyes turns on
in their usual
sewing and steam

The sands and
remnant breathe
Half wake
with hands they lift

I parted hands
With nature
and kiss the night
I carry deep within


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There is life after this one

There is life after this
I know, yes I know
God came and
revealed in my sleep

He took me where
Men long to reach
Not all really, walk to see

We had coffee and gist
That gave succour
and kind relief

He told me stories
Of how creatures lived
Men he said,
he was little pleased

He showed me places
In his majesty
Prepared and prepared
For men to live

white linen spread
On the sleep
Diamond and rubies
They scatter the feet

Angels and saints
I shook hands with
Wine and merry
We delight our sleeves

parted with
a kiss of peace
And in death
naked self I say
I would taste none
But this


Image courtesy: celestialplaces.com

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A coin lost in the sea

A coin was tossed
at the troubling sea
in hope of return someday
or as luck to life’s face

The mind
Has been busy
to remember a thing

The sea has been bitter
To keep safe its bits

Hundred years again
Their face met
With more children
and beautiful silt

There the coin
came safely
with its grown feet
And weak lips

words broke out
of its many return
and he was given
and bountiful feast


Image courtesy: sharescenery.blogspot.com

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I heard a knock at the cathedral

I heard a knock
at the cathedral

The pounce on the door
Gave a kind trial

Streets crowned
with the loud
that came with
High prize

My mind gave
A clueless mad

Bang, Bang

Who tell this
We ask we

Is it our kind guest
of the night or
our neighbour
Who asked for a cash

Every men gathered round
With their forks and knives
To settle the blue night

At the door

At the kind admittance
into the crooked path

We found nothing
But a lame voice
Struggling for his life


Image courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

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Silent words

Silent words
that hides
behind wooden trees
tarry along the
hands of
heavenly wind

Burn the hearts
of one
Who owns thee

Take the soul
Of the path
Left with feet

Char the mind
of the healthy
and weak
Taking all
till they faint
and weep


Image courtesy: beautiful.coolphotos.in

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What would love be like in Heaven

What would love
be like in heaven
Earth has borne seeds
in plentiful

Humans have fed on
with fat full
obesed with heart
guilt with gratitude

The sorrows and the pain
is less harmful
Leaving man
always delightful

What would love
be like in heaven
I cannot tell
only that
It would be mournful


Image courtesy: http://www.questorpastor.com

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Remind yourself each day

Tell yourself each day

The length of life
is nothing but a day
The part I’ll play
will end today

The good I do,
The bad I didn’t
would determine
the happiness
of my day

The laughter and the smiles
The cold and the bright
The thoughts and the calm
would determine
How I’ll shut my day

The peace I make
The sun and rays
Would shed light
if I rise again

Live beautiful

Live happy


Image courtesy: http://www.hdwallpaperspics.com/morning-sun-pictures.html

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I was dressed in robe of black

I was dressed
in robe of black

Sitting behind
the church pew
where hearts
were white

I, with the flowers and scent
shared a little words
of my bitter face

The time came
where my words
demands I talk

I smiled and say

Its a happy day
The mourn has take
a bit of days
I’ll live more and
elongate her stay


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Take your time to settle in your grave

Take your time
to settle
in your grave

The angels would
take their stay
a late

The sky would shy
and breathe less

The clouds would cover
The whole array

The night would pass
won’t feel again

Take your time
Spend the few past

Your heart deserve
the beauty again


Image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

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Death would always be around

Death would always
be around
As much as man
would never cry

The wind, it hangs its whip
Tearing strength out
of the sadden lips

I pity the one
with proud feet
Your friend, would knock
and you’ll never blink


Image courtesy: http://www.hauntedlakeville.com

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Tears and roses

Let me show you her face
A smile above the grave

The leaves now
cover her skin
with their earthen
fingers and teeth

How soon It could be
The laughter and the shyness
it took away

I pass on
Every night and day
Words left missing
Nothing by my lips

I hate how I gave away
My tears on a sunny day

Heart would breathe again
I would tell it
You would live again

Dedicated to a special someone I lost today. May Her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


Image courtesy: emilysmusings.com

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Bury me next to her grave

Bury me next
to her grave
Where my hands
would touch her face

I want to hear her sing
The way she delights
my dreams

Make the sands
No little deep
As her heart
I want to hear beat

The many years
She brought me
the roses
the beautiful sea

The sands
The deaden leaves
Her eyes I want to see
in the distant peace


Image courtesy: http://www.layoutsparks.com/1/174766/lonely-grave-nature-beautiful-31000.html

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Be gentle with your words

Be gentle with your words
They would be busy
when you are gone

The streams would touch
and move gently
bringing the remnant
with the night breeze

Be it dead
or still breathing
Your heart would shine
or in bruises
When eyes meet
with its pieces


Image courtesy: shirleymaya.com

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I Laughed at the thought of you

I laughed
At the thought
of your face

An angel touched down
and joined in the gain

My sight
has caught his face
As he fly across
in his daily day

He leaned
As I share our tales
His sigh
Told me a say
That hearts
Has never made

We laughed
as he parted ways
There I knew
I would see
you today


Image credit: nursinghomeabuselawyerblog.com

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No death, No tears

There would never
Be death or tears
If you could walk
this way

Peace stand still
At the gate
If you could lend
a say

Extend your garment
Breathe again

Walk on
The path where
You would sing
and dream

Our hearts would
nay wear away


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The Assumption of Mary

Friday, 15-8-2014

Assumption of the blessed virgin

Readings of the day:
Revelation 11:19; 12:1-6, 10,
1 Corinthians 15:20-27,
Psalm 45:10-12, 16,
Luke 1:39-56

Link to Readings –> http://www.usccb.org/bible readings/081514.cfm


Heaven and earth delight this day, as angels and dominions join in the table of men, to celebrate a creature ever beautiful ever pure, a maiden set apart by divine love, who carried out a special task during her earthly mission in love and obedience, reverence and without blemish, that of nurturing God incarnate, and at the end of her life, was taken up by God the father where she reigns and lives with her son in glory; Heaven celebrates you o Maria.

You who St. John Damascene wrote so beautifully: “It was fitting that she who in childbirth preserved intact her virginity should preserve without corruption her body after the conclusion of her earthly life. It was fitting that she who bore in her womb the creator become a babe should dwell in the divine mansion. It was fitting that the spouse of God be taken to the heavenly home. It was fitting that she who witnessed her Son on the cross, suffering in her heart then the pain she was spared in childbirth, should contemplate him seated at the right hand of the Father. It was fitting that the Mother of God come to possess what belongs to her Son and that she be honoured as Mother and Servant of God by all creatures.”

This day serves a tale of love and hope; God showering his love on her, on all humanity who follows him with holiness and utmost reverence in sufferings and in victory. At the break of the night, the height of our glory would be radiant as the morning light shed on the gentle stream.

With thanksgiving on our lips for the queen arrayed in gold, a great sign from heaven and with eyes turn on her gaze, ask for her prayers in the heavenly place, to walk this earth without stumble or fear, and reign forever in purity and care. Ave Maria!

Happy feast to you all my friends

Peace and Love of Christ


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Plant me in the river of peace

Organic beans I am
Plant me
where I would
grow big

Dip me in the
River of peace

Where my heart
Would sink
with humanity’s leaves

Prune me
Where hate would
Find least

Lead me gentle
In the light
That would never

And in the night
We gather still


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Marry your words

Don’t force the words
They seldom
won’t come

Take its hands
on bended knees

Clear the throat
of riff and raff

And marry it
With thy
pen and ink


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Teach me how to pray

Teach me
how to pray
For my strength
has gone insane

It ran
Like a mad man
From its cave

Taking no cloth
For his brace

the hills
He found his gaze
Grass and weeds
are his pains

His home
The bitter pill
Where he would find
his peace

Teach me
How to pray
For my strength
has gone insane


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I’ll find life again

I’ll find life again
in flowers or in grave

The rest I seek
in the shadow
of the wings

The taste I dream
in the light
of the stream

The peace I live
on the tatters
of the street

I’ll find life again
In Heaven
or in hades


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I’ve got no Talent

I’ve got no talent
Says the young man
on his burial day

He looked around
and felt he has left
no impact
No treasury from which
earth can take

He cried
Holding low his hand

And in his deeper heart
He knew he had
told a lie, for even
his close enemies
They came
and say goodbye


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Dangers everywhere

Dangers east, dangers west
The walls assured not rest

Peace entangled
as slave in tears

children, women
they shiver with
tat of red

Who will save
the ones in shred

The journey of light
Has parted a bed


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