To the Lady that won my Heart

Heart and gold
Love and diamond
The world you mean to me
Pearl of my tree
Sprout of winter’s mint

Love cannot tell heart’s beat
Words cannot burn coal bleak
For earth unearthed cannot
treasure the treasure deep within

How enemies never hear
The trumpet of victory’s sing
For peace unfold
in your wonderful fleet

Heaven holds a special rank
for your elegant queen
My heart, my beauty
The battle of decent win
Purity forever sing
Delightful ages ring

You fought me through
Seasons distant weep
How happy to have you
How blessed to keep you
The fountain of white stream


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O virgin of God

O virgin of God
crested with divine purity
quiet she lay meekly
Hanging her gaze
On holy crispy

She stoop beside
running waters
listening as the wind
carry the thoughts
of men unending
beseech kind admittance
of their entries

gently she handle her hands
calm the breathe
under her hair
as it tarry along
the silk of her skirt

She a gentle maiden
Beauty as ever new
Heart as divine blue
Eyes as saintly dew

She pays attention
To every inscription
And in her untiring silence
She pay heed
To man’s woes


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Heart of love

The heart decide where love
Would set its rest
in the journey endless

Setting foot on hard sands
It drives the deepest feelings
Stumbling and rising
in continuous drive
To join hands with nether
Than the call
That leads the sea

That eternal whisper
Silent sink
Soft laughter
Repeated voices
Calm touches
Sprinkled face

It leads the surge
to a beloved’s pit

The heart in death
Would bear the mark
Of endless trials and test
In the seasons
that partition the rest


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when life and death meet

When death and life meet
And you thread in between
With one name in thy way

Choose death in belief
And by the end of the dawn
You would meet life
in thy lane


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I live for one thing

I live not
For fish, water and air
For I’d live a hundred lives
Without rest or sleep

I live only for one thing
Without which
I would perish and stink

One thing my heart
sustain and breathe
That which is
Thy heavenly gift
The most holy
Human’s life


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When Night fail to rise

When Night fails to rise
And light strays its eyes
With morning yawn
From distance far
Suffer your eyes
Not buried in the dark
And your garments
teary bound

Wonder no more
For the evening is
more than a curse
Enjoy the sleep
And dream back
the light
From your drag


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O fiercest Virgin

O Fiercest virgin
Lash of devil’s waist
Defender of human race
Evening I hearken unto thee
torment I heed thy face
Thy royal throne
I bend thy support
Look kindly O Queen
Gentle storm of heavenly steel
Rainy cloud of pure strike
Clap of thunderous light

Destroy I beseech thee
the camp of roaming angels
Tent in dark cave
of the western gate
Penetrating like swollen ills
the skin of fallen male

In thy son’s holy name
Leave them scattered
Like pollen grains
May the evil ones acknowledge
Death-withered in their stumble
Victory to no one but God


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Sickness and Death

Sickness, Death
is a multiple blessing
They hurt the body
But they awaken the mind
in a way none other can
For the listening ears
in the mid of the blowing pipe

They take one through
Several lanes of mortality
With different stops
of familiar faces
Near, far
Few, many
Depending on how fast
one can walk

It treats the act of remembrance
Knocking kindly on one’s skin
As earthen
Humbling man lowly
Embracing all as family
Telling time is sacred
Winning hearts in the journey

Sickness, Death
is a multiple blessing
Telling man
Is once a pilgrim


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Night, night

Night, night
bath the day’s eyes
Cuddle with
A shining star
Singing silently
A mustard song
Leading the count
That departs the shades
Showing the glimpse
Of another rise


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An Angel fly not this night

The angels fly
not this night
A heavy landing
crashed the side ribs
groans of pain
and deep bleed
Filled my house
With silent grief
I offer my hand
Of help with soft lift
But little or less
was done
to save the live
The angels fly
not this night
For a heavy crash
Lost the knees


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How sweet our love

How sweet our love
grave cast not
for a day

smiles and embrace
Flung loose
Their play

Shadows upon shadows
Light upon light
Our memories wash
Easy on life’s gaze

The times
The hours
The minutes
Shows the way
Of endless days

Heaven speak
eternity as soft dew
on our face

They wash us alive
Every day
With breath
Of fresh blood
In our veins


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in High hope of a world of good

Growing up
prayers in church
And at home
Is for good to travel through
The minds of
everyone in the world

The world
A dark ghost
Flash speedily
At the ring of our voice
In the track of eternal walk
As it muds along
The way of pilgrim heart
Sparing not river of tears

I wonder
How long our words would
catch up with its feet
stopping the decay and untidiness
The agony and bitter memories
Decades, millenniums

This I grapple daily
In high hope
As white hairs
No longer finds shelter
In young dreams


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For my country

From the far end
Where I go for a pray
I see a drunken man
Walking along with sore feet
Staggers with
half-naked dreams
Eyes wide open
In dead wind

Unsure of the moment
the night would dawn
Happy at his face
As his bottle hail ever
His good enemy

I see the back
Of the old man’s green
Saddened with deep beards
The ever hailed
Giant of the pub
Choked with gin
Settling for the sands
Of sleep

My beloved nation
He walks his feet
Shot with multiple dose
Of corruption and crisis
Bellied with soft heart and grieve
Seeking for a sweet relief


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I fell in love with a girl

I fell in love with a girl
Who knew little about
Read or write
But her hands and heart
Taught how love is right

She knew what care
Would lead a man
In the hours of
The skeleton night

Through thick and thin
She stood beside
With her heart bearing
Rose and thorns

She would cry all night
When strength is gone
Praying the days bring
A smooth old sun

Hard feet and arms
She work along, singing
To the birds in garden walk

Fed the poor, took the sick
her arms they found
a sweet relief

Stood for justice, peace and truth
That all may find
a heavenly bliss

Her soul burns a
delightful bright
Telling happy tales of
A love made life

She lives in happiness
Full of light
I wonder if she would
Ever be sad

I fell in love with a girl
Who knew little about
Read or write
But her hands and heart
Taught how love is right


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I hear the call of rome

I hear her voice
In the shadows of the wind
I hear rome call
With her feminine voice
In the mid of my home
At the sixth of the eve

Her sweet celestial hymn
The burnt of her incense
The mixing of the wine
The loaf on the lid
I see from afar
As I stare on
from my window

My heart rise
As the crowds
bend on their knees
In worship of the supreme

I hear rome call
Bid me welcome
To join in her feast


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Memories is like a piece of art
Stained with white and black
Left in the wild
To breath in half
Telling the trail
Of the chart of life


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O Sacred Heart

O sacred heart
The passion of divine light
Silently hang on calvary’s night
Foretold by ages whence
Of saving help

Pierced with blood
Of sinner’s tears
Bath with wounds
Of worldly fair

Hearken with voice
Of lowliness
The Minds of restless men
Thy whisper hear
Springing from the valve
thy deepest care
Beating with love
That never ends

O sacred heart
The seal of man’s life
Wept for sins in daily bear
Fell for sake in triple lay
Bestow on us
Thy comfort fain


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The Man that sold respect for a kiss

He sold respect
For a piece of kiss
To the old maiden
With red lips
Still enough
To be his kid
But His heart burnt
With lustful ring
Chasing after her pants
With red ant’s sting
Hungry and sore
He longs for her breast
With pitiful but happy feel
The man that sold respect
For a piece of kiss
Little wonder
Why he lost his teeth


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Death whistle across

Death whistle across
In the cold night
I could hear
A far cry
Of warm incense
In the temple
Long behind
Their fat sacrifice
Redden with black eyes
Bled with innocent cry
I chased after him
To reclaim the offering
But death’s feet
Rode the pedestal
Of life
In quick relay


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The way of the Lord is upright

Friday, 11-07-2014

St. Benedict

Readings of the day:

Hosea 14:2-10,
Psalm 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17,
Matthew 10:16-23


The way of the Lord is upright, and whoever wish to thread this path, whoever wish to know him, must in turn live an upright heart. It is a must, else the heart would be far from where the Lord is. Eyes may be set on it, but if the heart sway from it, the sense and the heart in discordance would lead the feet away from it.

It is a big challenge that is cast upon us in this journey of faith, a challenge based on love and fidelity; one which we need help for, help from him who is right and also help from our fellow brethren; those who have walked this path and those whom we walk with, together, we would reach the promise land.

God knows we can’t do it all by ourselves, that is why, his Spirit is always there to guide us along the way, like a stranger going to a land filled with bliss, we need a guide outside of us to lead our way. May we never forget God’s spirit lead our way.

One prayer then we should always set our heart on is that, God should make us know his ways, live out his commands and follow him wholeheartedly. There is a promise given to the man who seek God’s face: I will be as the dew to israel; he shall blossom as the lily, he shall strike root as the poplar, his shoots shall spread out; his beauty shall be like the olive, and his fragrance like lebanon.

Lord, help us to seek your face and to walk with an upright heart to your place.

Peace and Love of Christ!


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I thought I would die old

We always pray
Life extend its feet for us
We live pass eternity
In our tiny little head
Sheltered in our
Own little rent
So I always think
In my elderly dreams
Fashioned with white grin
But then
I saw my posters
Pasted all over town
Of my passing death
With that happy smile of mine
Evident on the picture
And the moving heart
Of the crowd
Evident on their departing faces
With sweet words of grief and pity
I laughed at my old thought
Of how fake we can be
Buried in our dead skin
demanding our long
we shall see


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I Hide no more

I hide no more, I hide
For the fears I give you back
Locked in the base of my heart
Where it finds no dimming light

I take in strength, I take
For the world is my stay
Where heroes and brave men gave
In the battle we daring fight

I step high in triumphant wake
Sharing in the happy cry
Dancing in a move that last
With a gainful heart
Bearing the mark
Of the ever fighting back


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The whistle of the Night

The whistle of the night
From the hunter’s search
Burnt with untiring shout
Collecting the waves of the sky

Lashing through the wild
With blades and sound
Burdened with a merciful heart
Praying for the sheep gone lie

Here meet wolves and owls
Guard along the secret pass
Torn way with might and grind
Leading on the bloody fight

Where find the lost sheep
Filled with disease and broken limbs
Wrapped around his heart felt breast
Carrying home with a full delight


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Give me o Night

Give me o night
Thy bless
The lonely might
Thy share
The roaming wind
Thy head
The leaping frog
Thy voice
The falling rain
Thy tears
The growing trees
Thy shade
The passing stranger
Thy brace
The wounded bed
Thy rest


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bring me back to life Dear Lord

Bring me back to life, dear lord
When the earth struck my face, dear not
My name moves a lay, dear not
The light shares a pain, dear not
The ties lock the sky, dear not
The wind stiffen by, dear not
With a cold glittering shy, dear not
the rat steals my bone, dear not
The ghost talks aloud, dear not
The hawks shine their eyes, dear not
To share a taste of the night, dear not
Sleeping all a snore, dear not
With the falling trails below, dear not
A prey in the dark, dear not
In the midst of the crowd, dear not
Bearing crowns and bites, dear not
Bring me back to life, dear Lord
For I pray in your name, dear Lord


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Drive me beyond the gate of Love

Drive me beyond
The gate of love
Where screams of joy
Tells me a call

Where land of green
Breath unending bliss
And insects dance
Silently dreams

pipe play
remorseful glitz
And tales of good
Remembering bring

Drive me beyond
the gate of love
Where my heart
Would tell songs
Of love


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My mind of late

Late of late
I stared at my shelf
Consumed within itself
The books in its shell

Training to become
A scientist
with metabolic pathways
And genomic sequence
Traveling in its cell
But then in its mind
grab a shirt
Taking a reverse walk
With side pace
As it propel
in pit end
Bringing with it
A small note
of literary tales
And brown pen


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The Demon with a smile

photo by andresthecunning

photo by andresthecunning

The demon with a smile
Dressed with a dark blue hat
That’s got cigarette
In his closed mouth
Sitting lone at a bar
With no exit line
Waiting till all his dark
To pounce on the lonely mind
Deceitful, ye, he is
But his mouth is full of guide
The part that takes you
Down the aisle
To the marriage of closed eyes
I wondered who would last
If you take seat
With the devil with a smile


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How Great God is

How Great God is
To bestow man
The gift of procreation
Whether sudden or planned
Black or white
Night or day
It always passes with
happy silence
Feast and tales
Wail and thrills
Gracious and tensed
Love and care
Implanted into the
After lent


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The smiles on the Children

I look at the little feeds
As they play in the feel
Their wide teeth
Chew my beat
Their bright eyes
Lower my drip
As they merry
In the deep
I look
As they throw their feet
In the splashing stream
All give but
A morning sweet


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I went alone with God in the Desert

I went with God
Alone in the desert
Far behind the mountains
Where feet cannot thread

I pressed on
In the long distance
Until I got to the length
Where I fainted and fell

I wondered if my life
Would be the end
But then
The earth became his heart
Where I found my rest


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I live yet again

Death passed by today
We took the same train
He spoke some words
In my face
It struck my tail

I think my heart stopped
Right there in the main
It beat not again
With his gentle say

But then
He gave a strong tap
A tap that woke my brain

With a strong smile
He shook my hands
And said
You would live yet again

Death passed by today
And yet I live again


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The Most Sacred heart of Jesus

Friday, 27-06-2014

Solemnity of the Sacred heart of Jesus

Readings of the day:

Deuteronomy 6:7-11
1John 4:7-16
Psalm 103:1-4, 8, 10
Matthew 11:25-30


One thing I can boast of, one thing, is the fatherly love of God which is unending. I can boast of this because of the assurance of he who gives it. A love which surpasses all other loves in countless folds. A love not selfish, not tainted with evil and full of mercy. A love which is without conditions nor merits. A love which make us approach him without fear nor doubt, full of trust and splendour. What refuge we can find in such love!

The love of God which is revealed to us in the person of Christ, is showered onto us like the morning dew with no reservation on humanity. All we need do is accept the invitation of love, an invitation which sets us apart, fully consecrated to him. Love has its demands. It demands sacrifice, obedience and humility. Its reward is huge in return, it would give you rest. Our souls need rest; rest not on what would disappear so fast, rather rest in eternity here on earth.

Rest on, in the most holy Sacred heart of Jesus.

Bless the Lord, o my soul; all my being bless his holy name.~Psalm 103:1

Peace and Love of Christ!


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Night watchers

Night watchers
That stands still heaven’s gate
Assigned with iron fist
To guard the soul
of roaming men
From the snares of death

Bend low
Thy gentle face
Kind being
On humanity’s head
with care

Lay peace
by their bed’s knees
As they close
the final page
Of the day’s sweet

Tap their head bliss
With a goodnight kiss
As they fling their gray eyes
Departing the moon’s dreams


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I love you Countless times

I love you
You ask me
countless times
If I love

I told you
I do the do
Which brings me
Closer the bring
Leading me
Nearer the near
To no one else
Than you
the you


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Hide not O beloved

Hide not no more
O beloved
For thy heart
Has buried my face

Find me redeemed
In your arms
In endless wait
Lurking the field
Of embrace

Burning candles
Never ending
In bright day
I look to the night’s way
To guide your trail
Beating non-stop
Till you find my gaze


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Play me sweet song for Mary

Play me sweet songs
With no hurried beat
For the royal gem
The Mother of may

Surpassing beauty
Ever newly
All mortal beings
Nod to thee faint

Breeze and trees
Lands and seas
Thy gentle touch
Find its name

Endless numbers
Ageless days
Countless hearts
Would hail thy name

Singing ave
All through the night
A blissful song
That sooth the mind


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Be burnt my heart

Be burnt
O you my heart be burnt
Purge thy vessels of
Lustful thoughts
Thwarting o you endlessly
Burn thy skin
Of sexness feel
Roaming with the kiss of
The Devil’s lips
Drain o you thy blood
Of imaginable course
Plying you down joyfully
The demon’s page
For in thy very end
Thy roasted shape
Would stink the truest love


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The Choice of Death

The choice is hard
As I walk to be buried
In my grave

I’m clothed in my night dress
Prepared for my funeral
Dying in a way I can’t explain

My heart turns to stone
Decaying and transforming
In between
As my body shakes
to be set free

Frozen I have been
Turning to dust in bits
I watch the church men
Take their place
In the space
filled with shades

I take in air
I take it in
Gently as I may
With my redden fist
Right between the hymns

I close my eyes
I closed it slowly in bits
To awake my face
To awake my mortal wake
In thy heavenly gaze


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Be Gone my Heart

Be Gone o ye my heart
Be gone
Sweep o you thy feet
in the wildest desert
Leave you thy trails
On the scorching sun
Breathe you thy face
On the frozen wind
Leave you thy skin
On the rocky thorns
Leave you thy blood
On the dry leaves
For on thy return home
Thy wounded face
Would find waiting
thy beloved


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Death hit our eyes so quickly

How death hit our eyes
So quickly
We open it bit by bit
In our ready made tomb
Silenced with the tears
No more our eyes could find

But yet we tear a lot of goodbyes
If really a lot it is
We cry goodbye

Death hit our eyes so quickly
We find our heart another death
If our hat ain’t ready for the swift


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St. Anthony and the Heretics

O reckless noon
Be gone of heresy’s way
Fight no more for
Tradition bends thy proud knees

Heed ears
and amend your garment
For truth diffuse thy sweet taste

Come united
Unleash thy noon dreams
Drive out thy stubborn heart
To the night’s breeze

Loosen thy paper knot
In the spirit’s bind
Leading our feet
To the chart of rome beyond


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The Legion of mary

Accidental so it seem
They were fashioned
With hammer and steel
Wrought in the hearts of flesh men
Made might with their queen

The evening reflect perfect light
Of glorious days ahead
Birthing the end of roaming evil
With the step of lion’s witch
Stealing the heart of men
In the red hunt

O’ legion of mary
Strengthen on their knees
With the breath of the spirit
Hovering from the burning cloud
Arise and rain conquer the evil one
With seven faced head and molten saliva
Wear the armor of thy crucified
And strike end his hiding place
Pierce the naked heart
Of the underworld prince
With no kingly robe
With thy bronze bow and sword
Regain back the earth
Subject to the knees
of the holy redeemer
With endless cry of victory
In the holiest days bestow


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Once lived an Empire

Once once..
Lived an empire
Carefully planned, Beautifully built
Flourishing plants, beautiful landscapes
Moving rivers, flying animals
Beautiful sun, silent night
Men of wisdom, young with strength
Beautiful wives, smart children

Then then..
The wind blows centuries after
All that could see
From the far end of the river
All that the heart could tell
Was the crumbles of this great structure
Crumbles in the eyes of time’s sand
In the bled of memory’s gaze
leaving no bricks to hold in depth
Crumbles that left the
Ground in utter wail and mournful pain
With black smoke filling the guts
Of living beings passing the fields

Only only..
If their hearts could hold the bricks
Of the walls from within


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I write in the Dark

I write in the dark
The dark has been friendly I’d say
Teaching my heart
The steps of pregnant birth

The push of quiet mind
The inhale of sinking eyes
The gasp of mild palms
The struggles of infant lines
The light of moving words
The sob of newly wrote
The joys of busy heart
The dark has been friendly I’d say


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Light of hope

Light of hope
That cast shame burdened heart
With the belt of morrow

Strip my heart no delay
To bend my captive mind
In thorn embrace

Kiss the wounds
With the wax of the night
I shall yearn painful joy
With the torch of delight
Guiding my heart
To the temple of the knight


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Bless God always

Friday, 6-6-2014

Readings of the day:

Acts 25:13-21
Psalm 103:1-2, 11-12,19-20
John 21:15-19


There’s always a temptation to forget quickly the goodness of the lord when either our pockets is filled with wealth(not just material) and we’d not suffer want, or we are grown old with worries from our troubles.

Either of the situation above can create a cave for us to dwell in. A cave of self-sufficiency. A cave which would keep us from reaching out for the morning dew, to reach out for the light, keeping our thoughts drawn only to ourselves rather than project our thoughts and homage to heaven where the throne of God is.

Praise, praise at all season is the best way we can draw all glory to God rather than to ourselves. In good and bad times, we praise him. Draw close to him in prayer, reminding ourselves all that we are and can ever have comes from his goodness.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all within me, his holy name, Bless the Lord, O my soul, and never forget all his benefits. ~Psalm 103:1-2

If things go well, let us rejoice, blessing God who makes them proper. And if they go badly? Let us rejoice, blessing God who allows us to share in the sweetness of his Cross. ~ St. Josemaria Escriva

May God grant us a heart that praise.

Peace and Love of Christ.


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On my Love for you

Your world make me smile
As they accord me ocean to live in
Nature has given me many pretties
With you at the center of the beauty

Day after day
Years after years
It stood me comfort
To see us walk dry in the rain
Holding your hand
Feeling the pulse of your beat

I stare at the moments
Life has shared in our hearts
The wonderful times
I stood alive that I bear
Each walk with you

Life has given me a face
To rejoice with
All would be nothing
If your face is blinded in it



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Take Courage

Thursday, 5-06-2014s

St. Boniface

Readings of the day:

Acts 22:30, 23:6-11
Psalm 16:1-2, 5,7-11
John 17:20-26


Apostolic courage is needed to bear witness to a true Christian life in the world, most especially in the culture we live in that is hostile to the faith. Every centuries of the christian era has had a share of one thing or the other that demands courageous men to stand for what they believe in.

Not many like St. Paul would face tribunals for Christ, but in our daily conversations, at our various social groups, do we shrink from bearing witness to Christ for fear of what people would say. I would rather walk alone than keep multitudes in refute of Christ and his Church.

We have an imperative command by God to bear witness by living for him, all by ourselves our effort would amount to nothing; we need to run like an infant to his fatherly feet to strengthen us in the journey, to guide us with his fatherly care. We have God as our help, why then is our heart not fasten as a rock. why fear man that can do nothing.

Let us stand fast in what is right, and prepare our souls for trial. Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid and say to him: ” O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations”. ~St. Boniface

Many have deserted Christ for fear of ‘followers’, friends, neighbors, even the unknown. I urge us this day with Christ ahead of us, take courage, the road is not easy but the end is peaceful. Stand for Christ in all of your days. Stand for him and on your death bed, you would hold no regret of haven live your life. Existence would dawn right clear on us and our lives would be soaked on how well we have lived our lives.

What we ourselves cannot bear, let us bear with the help of Christ.~ St. Boniface

May God grant us a courageous heart.

Peace and Love of Christ


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O foolish bin

Oh foolish bin
Whose mouth accommodate things
From the stretch of men
Whence you be wise
To spill their dirts in their homes
Rejecting their milky pants
In thy face
Arise! let thy soft thunder strike
Thou worthy net-shaped beast
have you no shame?
Taking remnants from
the graves of men.
God forbid, if you had mouth
You might even plead
for more of their diamonds.
I appreciate your foolishness
Your foolishness has lend us mortals
A house of safe
Which would have had my settlement dominated by filthy legless insects swimming out of the well
dug by my own self

MO. and Ahmed Yinusa

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