My Lord, My love

My lord, my love
The heart
I dwell in time’s long

The perfect being
I leave all
all earthly things

The beauty, the light
Eyes not see
The health that heals

The voice, the soothing gold
When earthly despair holds
sends peace, nature brings

The coolness, the breeze
You own, you give
To calm the busyness within

How I, praise thee
My soul exclaim love
to one in three

I found, I found thee
Death would bound no gift
To all I bring to thee

I would be going away for some time. God’s willing, would be back by october. Stay safe my friends!



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You are a chosen one

You are a chosen one
Carved with gold
From mount olives

Light perfect
whose time live

Water that fills
the divine sea

whose lamp
always blink

Height upon
the farthest height
Your strength
never cease

The perfect origin
of divine feet

successful instrument
of eternal blade

You are a chosen one
That you should
always see


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My greetings to the men at Heaven’s gate

Say hi for me
To the men that
breathe life at
Heaven’s gate

Their work
I cherish still

Their water
of welcome
set good my seeds

Their songs
nourish the sun
to give strength
That never cease

Their voice a friend
to mortal bodies
and enemy to those
who seek earthly things

Their heart
a fountain of love
that refills within

Give them my kiss
A warm hug
Tell them earth
sends his best gift


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The world claps old today

The world claps
old today
Her heart always run
For new entry and exit

One thing struck
me in release

The morning it ought
to ring the tower
across the moody street

There stood a long pause
It took the time
of all in wait
as men were
left inconclusive

The patches of silence
took our grieve

We stared
as cold fish
Hungered to be eaten
By belly meat

There, the world
Feel in love
with noble eyes
She has never seen
All were given
a dozen season


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my heart in struggle

My heart begs to be seen
From the fusion
of light and death
That passes the skin

It calls to the stranger
Travelling on foot
to be fed by bread
That kills poison
and disease

None look too busy
Eyes turns on
in their usual
sewing and steam

The sands and
remnant breathe
Half wake
with hands they lift

I parted hands
With nature
and kiss the night
I carry deep within


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There is life after this one

There is life after this
I know, yes I know
God came and
revealed in my sleep

He took me where
Men long to reach
Not all really, walk to see

We had coffee and gist
That gave succour
and kind relief

He told me stories
Of how creatures lived
Men he said,
he was little pleased

He showed me places
In his majesty
Prepared and prepared
For men to live

white linen spread
On the sleep
Diamond and rubies
They scatter the feet

Angels and saints
I shook hands with
Wine and merry
We delight our sleeves

parted with
a kiss of peace
And in death
naked self I say
I would taste none
But this


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A coin lost in the sea

A coin was tossed
at the troubling sea
in hope of return someday
or as luck to life’s face

The mind
Has been busy
to remember a thing

The sea has been bitter
To keep safe its bits

Hundred years again
Their face met
With more children
and beautiful silt

There the coin
came safely
with its grown feet
And weak lips

words broke out
of its many return
and he was given
and bountiful feast


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I heard a knock at the cathedral

I heard a knock
at the cathedral

The pounce on the door
Gave a kind trial

Streets crowned
with the loud
that came with
High prize

My mind gave
A clueless mad

Bang, Bang

Who tell this
We ask we

Is it our kind guest
of the night or
our neighbour
Who asked for a cash

Every men gathered round
With their forks and knives
To settle the blue night

At the door

At the kind admittance
into the crooked path

We found nothing
But a lame voice
Struggling for his life


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Silent words

Silent words
that hides
behind wooden trees
tarry along the
hands of
heavenly wind

Burn the hearts
of one
Who owns thee

Take the soul
Of the path
Left with feet

Char the mind
of the healthy
and weak
Taking all
till they faint
and weep


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What would love be like in Heaven

What would love
be like in heaven
Earth has borne seeds
in plentiful

Humans have fed on
with fat full
obesed with heart
guilt with gratitude

The sorrows and the pain
is less harmful
Leaving man
always delightful

What would love
be like in heaven
I cannot tell
only that
It would be mournful


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Remind yourself each day

Tell yourself each day

The length of life
is nothing but a day
The part I’ll play
will end today

The good I do,
The bad I didn’t
would determine
the happiness
of my day

The laughter and the smiles
The cold and the bright
The thoughts and the calm
would determine
How I’ll shut my day

The peace I make
The sun and rays
Would shed light
if I rise again

Live beautiful

Live happy


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I was dressed in robe of black

I was dressed
in robe of black

Sitting behind
the church pew
where hearts
were white

I, with the flowers and scent
shared a little words
of my bitter face

The time came
where my words
demands I talk

I smiled and say

Its a happy day
The mourn has take
a bit of days
I’ll live more and
elongate her stay


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Take your time to settle in your grave

Take your time
to settle
in your grave

The angels would
take their stay
a late

The sky would shy
and breathe less

The clouds would cover
The whole array

The night would pass
won’t feel again

Take your time
Spend the few past

Your heart deserve
the beauty again


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Death would always be around

Death would always
be around
As much as man
would never cry

The wind, it hangs its whip
Tearing strength out
of the sadden lips

I pity the one
with proud feet
Your friend, would knock
and you’ll never blink


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Tears and roses

Let me show you her face
A smile above the grave

The leaves now
cover her skin
with their earthen
fingers and teeth

How soon It could be
The laughter and the shyness
it took away

I pass on
Every night and day
Words left missing
Nothing by my lips

I hate how I gave away
My tears on a sunny day

Heart would breathe again
I would tell it
You would live again

Dedicated to a special someone I lost today. May Her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


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Bury me next to her grave

Bury me next
to her grave
Where my hands
would touch her face

I want to hear her sing
The way she delights
my dreams

Make the sands
No little deep
As her heart
I want to hear beat

The many years
She brought me
the roses
the beautiful sea

The sands
The deaden leaves
Her eyes I want to see
in the distant peace


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Be gentle with your words

Be gentle with your words
They would be busy
when you are gone

The streams would touch
and move gently
bringing the remnant
with the night breeze

Be it dead
or still breathing
Your heart would shine
or in bruises
When eyes meet
with its pieces


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I Laughed at the thought of you

I laughed
At the thought
of your face

An angel touched down
and joined in the gain

My sight
has caught his face
As he fly across
in his daily day

He leaned
As I share our tales
His sigh
Told me a say
That hearts
Has never made

We laughed
as he parted ways
There I knew
I would see
you today


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No death, No tears

There would never
Be death or tears
If you could walk
this way

Peace stand still
At the gate
If you could lend
a say

Extend your garment
Breathe again

Walk on
The path where
You would sing
and dream

Our hearts would
nay wear away


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The Assumption of Mary

Friday, 15-8-2014

Assumption of the blessed virgin

Readings of the day:
Revelation 11:19; 12:1-6, 10,
1 Corinthians 15:20-27,
Psalm 45:10-12, 16,
Luke 1:39-56

Link to Readings –> readings/081514.cfm


Heaven and earth delight this day, as angels and dominions join in the table of men, to celebrate a creature ever beautiful ever pure, a maiden set apart by divine love, who carried out a special task during her earthly mission in love and obedience, reverence and without blemish, that of nurturing God incarnate, and at the end of her life, was taken up by God the father where she reigns and lives with her son in glory; Heaven celebrates you o Maria.

You who St. John Damascene wrote so beautifully: “It was fitting that she who in childbirth preserved intact her virginity should preserve without corruption her body after the conclusion of her earthly life. It was fitting that she who bore in her womb the creator become a babe should dwell in the divine mansion. It was fitting that the spouse of God be taken to the heavenly home. It was fitting that she who witnessed her Son on the cross, suffering in her heart then the pain she was spared in childbirth, should contemplate him seated at the right hand of the Father. It was fitting that the Mother of God come to possess what belongs to her Son and that she be honoured as Mother and Servant of God by all creatures.”

This day serves a tale of love and hope; God showering his love on her, on all humanity who follows him with holiness and utmost reverence in sufferings and in victory. At the break of the night, the height of our glory would be radiant as the morning light shed on the gentle stream.

With thanksgiving on our lips for the queen arrayed in gold, a great sign from heaven and with eyes turn on her gaze, ask for her prayers in the heavenly place, to walk this earth without stumble or fear, and reign forever in purity and care. Ave Maria!

Happy feast to you all my friends

Peace and Love of Christ


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Plant me in the river of peace

Organic beans I am
Plant me
where I would
grow big

Dip me in the
River of peace

Where my heart
Would sink
with humanity’s leaves

Prune me
Where hate would
Find least

Lead me gentle
In the light
That would never

And in the night
We gather still


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Marry your words

Don’t force the words
They seldom
won’t come

Take its hands
on bended knees

Clear the throat
of riff and raff

And marry it
With thy
pen and ink


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Teach me how to pray

Teach me
how to pray
For my strength
has gone insane

It ran
Like a mad man
From its cave

Taking no cloth
For his brace

the hills
He found his gaze
Grass and weeds
are his pains

His home
The bitter pill
Where he would find
his peace

Teach me
How to pray
For my strength
has gone insane


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I’ll find life again

I’ll find life again
in flowers or in grave

The rest I seek
in the shadow
of the wings

The taste I dream
in the light
of the stream

The peace I live
on the tatters
of the street

I’ll find life again
In Heaven
or in hades


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I’ve got no Talent

I’ve got no talent
Says the young man
on his burial day

He looked around
and felt he has left
no impact
No treasury from which
earth can take

He cried
Holding low his hand

And in his deeper heart
He knew he had
told a lie, for even
his close enemies
They came
and say goodbye


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Dangers everywhere

Dangers east, dangers west
The walls assured not rest

Peace entangled
as slave in tears

children, women
they shiver with
tat of red

Who will save
the ones in shred

The journey of light
Has parted a bed


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I depart not the road to paradise

I count my breathe
in inch and pieces

The evil droppings
seems uneasy

The laughter, the woes
Leaves me aching

sufferings beckon
me home in tatters
and heat

The shock, the ills
cast shame my knees

I look in faint
growling skin

I summon my veins
in doubt and pain

But never be gone
my feet a stray

my heart spear on
in rough belief

My home, paradise
the road I would be


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Wander not my Heart

Wander not my heart
I tell you
Wander not
from thy leathered skin

You take me where
Eyes cannot be
Trapped a three winged bee
To be fed with wide teeth

the scourge of the pillar’s pit
crowded over blessing and feast

Wander not my heart
I tell you
Wander not
For I mourn not
When my eyes live


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Life is hidden in his flesh

Life is hidden
in the wounds
of his flesh

Hymns break loose
From the pierce
that hangs his belief

Silence has met
the tears of
Humanity’s restlessness

Terror flinch
with the passing
of his sacred voice

Night part kiss
With the light
That gave birth
to its being


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The dead I see rise

The dead I see rise
with the incense
of an angel’s call

purity dew
at the vision
of wretch skin

wrapped in
blazing beauty
ever new

thicker than
Alligator’s skin

I cry a drop
of heavenly pour
And ever my lips
praises sing


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I pen my love for you

I pen my love
O divine lord
in thy precious name

No other taste
can satisfy that
Which you give

The ink
the drops
of flowing peace

The wool
the shepherd’s lead
to places green

The emotions alive
the fury flames
you bring

How holy is it
unstained by worldly
hands and skin

The chase of the heart
can you only be
the ointment
Of eternal stream

I pen my love for you
with everything
All I can ever be


Photograph by Sebastian Meckelmann

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Be at peace

fire and hill

wave and trees

fear and shadows

storm and silt

dead and sea

tears and belief

Stand firm
beyond reach

Breathe deep
deep beyond control


Be at peace


Happy sunday

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Send the light

The light
Clasped in the palms
Of the heavens

Breeze carry with
Abundant delight
in their jacket

Earth begs
For helpless touch

Rivers reflect
With happy feast

Penetrate hearts
Burdened with
Cares and worries

garnish their thirst
With wounds and burnt
of stillness glory

Turn the sad
the eye rejoicing

Whisper safely
the rest of eternity
into the hearts
of all who seek thee


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Words on the grave

Words would be written
On your grave
Whether they be faint
Or in gray

The alive and the dead
Sketch their nails
At the centre
of thy rest

Your eyes would watch
as they depart
in eleventh

All left is their written words
Spread on your heart
Which would drive you
in late or in sane


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Save me my first kiss

Save me my first kiss
Till the night you unwrap me
Like the young bud
in eternity

Wait would, your heart will
in the eve of the glory
where our hearts
would live
to tell the story

Touch my fingers gently
tell it that you’ll
stand close
The day the image
cloud quietly


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Show me a Contemplative

Show me the inn
Of a contemplative
Let me feel the silk
of his garment

I want to listen
to the pulse of his words
The blend of his face
And the image of his eyes

Give me
the book of his prayers
And the smell
of the wool page

The ink of his script
and the flames of his candle

The path that he threads
And the silence
that resides in his shed

And I

I would tell you
the state of his Heart


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sustain your love

Sunshine would not
Always be bright
Nor rose smell full delight

They pass through
Period of struggle
And their heart
bear wounded thistle

The grace they bear
Leads them along
the journey
As they thrive
To hold each other
in the shadows

We would be selfish
Lame and stupid
The carriage would
be imbalance
And topple our feet

Sustain your love
and let it not grow weary
It would be the baton
in the hurdle


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The Hill awake not yet

The hill hides face
From the morning’s rays

It stays glue on its rest
With sands dropping
Off its chest

It awake thy elegant voice
To sweep gently
Into its eyes
A new wake
Juggled with a happy yawn

Where art thou travel to?
Where has your legs depart?

All heads await your feel
To wake the gigantic doll
Out its fields


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My Heart, buried in stone of Love

Life would pass over life
Death would shed tears
in company of angels

shadows would break
a thousand rays
For the passing
Of a loving soul

Streams would swiftly
sing the heart
of a thousand wept

Memories would
hold the grip
of a falling stone

One thing that would
Never old
and intact less
Still as the earth is hold
And the heaven fade not soon
is my heart buried in stone
in the wither of unending love


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It must be love and no other

It must be love and no other
What shall we call this we
That left all made
and call thee me

Thou air and distance sea
Eyes forsake and depart breathe
Only in my arms you seeth these

Roses spread, music sing
Beautiful wine on gallant fields
My kiss, you only seek

Silent hills, multiple speaks
The wind shares mysteries
Plants dwell in their dreams
In my heart you grow
all that can ever be


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A Priest according to the Heart of God

To the best priest I have ever met..

The sun that spread
Peace on the endless tides

The moon that set bay
on the night’s way

The trees that bear fruits
On the earth’s leaves

May thy heart always lead right
As your legs ever hurry to

May the hairs of thy head
Never vanish
without thy remembrance

May the smile you have taught
Bear witness in your grave

May Christ in whom you
Harvest roses and grail
Be the lamp
in the night of thy soul

May the hearts you have
Loved and served
Share wine with you
At the great feast
In the passage of life

The heavens whisper
A leap feel amen
to the best
of your heart

Happy Anniversary Fr. Martin diipo Badejo
of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, Nigeria.


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She needs your love

She needs your love
That woman
you looked her eyes
Till the end of days

You depart
And say
You are not satisfied

You should really
Be standing by

Who do you think
Would hold her hands
When you are gone

She needs your love
Her heart is a barren farm
Since you step out the door


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Heaven await our tears

Heaven await our tears
As the master
Held heart in distress

An angel of finest strength
Stand still with golden breast

The cold buries his legs
because he gave away his garment
To the granny and the little girl


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Men of daily days

Men of daily days
With mind made of wax
Hunger for the fire
That does not last

They long for sunlight
To burn their heart bright
But daily do they not
Walk the path right

Their strength they limit thence
To lesser flames that burn black
Leaving them fainted
Till they realize
They have lost the true light


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The walk with her

I walk with her
weak she is
and eyes in dim

The breathe on her
You easily feel
As it ooze away
with wings of tenth

She held my shoulder
All along the journey
As my smile
Gave her assurance filled

Death wag its tongue
As health hiss
a slow song

I cried with her
All along the journey
She wiped it
With her ragged clothes

A far walk
Towards her home
It feels

Weak I was
Couldn’t control the sweat
Around my body

I collapsed
We both did

I stared into her eyes
on the ground

Another smile
I received
Which close my eyes
Till never came our way

On the wake
I saw
What eyes has
Never seen


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I got the World’s attention

I got the world’s attention
As I tap my feet
The leathered shoe
Gave a heavy hit

Knock, knock!
It pounce a gave
its heavy Beat
gave a stare
straight away

I walked in majesty
as a prince
with pauper’s ring

Knock, knock!
They hear
As their hearts
Followed my leap


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peace in the unsettled mind

The body on the sea
Wet it is with the rain
That shows its love
to be in peace

It harbours the kind water
In its heart
But married between
The rumble and calmness
Spreading across the sea

With its yearn
It seeks to find
A better rhythm
But the disturbance
rooted in his heart
left him cease

Soak in the heavenly waters
Without restrict
And the heart
Would sink deep
the kiss of peace


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I live not for sex

You offered it for free
On the night we met
I was cuddled by your tongue
The way you move your ribs

The breathe under your skin
Calls a fellow bereaved
it tells the tale
of a sullen evening

I was wounded by your touch
The belt beneath your skin
My heart succumb at every hour
It led trap the man beneath

But then
I said aloud to myself
Aloud no one could hear
my voice left the room
Happily gate-free

I live not for sex
not for this night
As we parted
with a running kiss


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If I die today

If I die today
I’d be happy
I came to earth

I have had smiles
in dish
Tears in drinks

I have climbed height
in weak
Down in strength

I have swam hard
in love
Gave up in hate

I have settled
in peace
Left the building unrest

I have seen the moon
in dance
Wind in grief

If I die today
I’d be glad
My feet
walked the earth


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May your years be rough

Growing up
in a village in Nigeria
Where the sun
turns his back
On our face
And the moon
burn our heart
With tales

Our elders
Men of strength and wisdom
Skilled in hunting and words
Pat our chest
With wine of adages

One I remember
With easy forgetfulness

May your years be rough

A curse I think
For how do I enjoy life
When rough is what
I wrestle with

Looking back
I thank their kind heart
For blessing us with a curse
And praising us with bad lips

How would I appreciate the rain
If there be not harmattan
How would I appreciate gifts from earth
If there be not sweat
How would I appreciate life
If there be not death

The words
The elderly words
I find some wisdom in

For in the roughness
of our path
Man has always
carve a smooth chart
To walk in


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